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Since entering the Armenian telecom market in 2009, Ucom has provided Armenian customer with high-quality services, using the most advanced technology.

Our key objective has always been to ensure accessibility of the latest innovative solutions of the field to our customers. We were the first to introduce the FTTH (Fiber to the Home) solution to the Armenian consumer, which ensures provision of high-quality IPTV, broadband internet and digital phone services.

Recognizing the potential of the Armenian telecommunication market, we were able to not only achieve a stable position on the Armenian broadband internet market in a short period of time, but have also become the largest wholesale operator in Armenia, thanks to own fiber-optic link connecting Armenia and Georgia. This enabled the company to provide transit internet services to Near East countries, thus ensuring the importance of Armenian telecommunication market in the region.

Catching up with the trends of global telecommunication market, in 2013 the company received a license for provision of public mobile broadband internet services, and in 2015 acquired 100% shares of Orange Armenia, thus expanding its operation to the Armenian mobile market. This expansion prepared basis for implementation of the fastest 4G+ network in Armenia, which meets the best international standards, as well as replenish company’s convergent services, with “4 in 1” package, providing customers with the access to a full range of IPTV, fixed and mobile voice and internet services.

Apart from bringing new technology and innovation to the country, Ucom has as well been active in Corporate Social Responsibility domain, implementing a number of development projects, in particular aimed at supporting education and children development.  Opening computer and engineering laboratories in schools all around the country, the company contributes to the development of ICT field in Armenia. The company supports as well the vulnerable social groups, continuing to implement “Let’s keep children home” SMS charity project, in the frame of which families are provided with means to ensure stable income and bring home their children from state caring institutions, as well as “Light to Armenian eyes” program, which provides free of charge quality ophthalmological service to inhabitants of regions.

Our Mission

Being an Armenian company, Ucom has always attached importance to concepts of corporate responsibility and philanthropy, having its contribution to development of different domains of our country.

Continuing our work and mission, as well as attributing importance to and maintaining the activity developed by Orange Foundation, we founded Ucom Foundation in 2016, as a key structure implementing charity and philanthropy projects of Ucom CJSC .

Our mission is to help vulnerable groups of our society, to improve people’s life by creating stable income sources for them, to unite families, to contribute to formation of a stable and safe society, to educate healthy and developed generation and create further development opportunities.


Our Benefits

medical insurance
50% discount on all ucom services and products
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teambuilding and corporate events
financial support (marriage, childbirth, etc) 


Industry: Telecommunications
Date of Foundation: 2009

Number of Employees: 1500-2000

Location: Դավիթ Անհաղթ 8/4, Yerevan, Armenia


Active jobs (18)


Medical insurance
Teambuilding and corporate events
Local and online training package
"Baby born" package
Day off
Sport package
Employee Discounts & Perks


Դավիթ Անհաղթ 8/4, Yerevan, Armenia