The Complete iOS Development Course. Swift Programming A-Z

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Training Description:

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to create any project having in your mind
  • You will know all about Swift. Including every single element
  • You will program confidently
  • You will know all about Xcode
  • You will know all about App Development


  • Learn Full Swift 4 in one course? - Yes! We learn it.
  • Learn every single matter of iOS Development? - Yes! We learn it.
  • You want to fill gaps in your knowledges? - Yes! We fill all gaps in your knowledge.
  • Maybe you already know something about Swift and iOS... but you want to write perfect, clear, smooth, BEST CODE? Yes! We learn the perfect and professional way of writing the code.

If you start right now - you can create any app you have in your mind, of any difficulty type in only 4 weeks.



My name's Akhmed. I am the creator of most popular coding courses, like:

- Create Full Instagram Clone with Swift & Xcode. Be advance

- Create Social App on Custom Backend on Swift, PHP, MySQL, HTML

I highly recommend this course. Ahmed Idigov does an absolutely fantastic job with this course. I have completed a few other related courses on Udemy that were good courses but Ahmed's instruction really sets this course apart from others. In addition, this course is 100% up-to-date. Everything that Ahmed explained throughout the course worked just as he demonstrated. I especially appreciate this because I did not have to spend additional time on Google searching for answers. Great course! - J. Alvardo

Perfect course to get started with building a real apps. Ahmed explained all the features that every app needs. With Ahmed I start to earn money! I like his all courses! - M. Alrashidi


I am working to enhance your knowledges and your experience of development. I promise, you will learn all coding aspects that never been shown in other courses or tutorials. I know what needs to be covered. If you don't like it, I guarantee full money back!

Akhmed's courses are very Good. It is better than all the other course I have tried! I like he's covering what others don't. Great Job! Thanks for your efforts! - M. Kayne

I though I knew enough about Swift. When I started to watch, I realized that I did not know anything! Thank you very much for your great course! - J.J. Abrams!

I am fresh in development, but with Akhmed I already released my first app in App Store. Now it brings me good income! - D. Ather

We start from basics to build up your confidence. And we move to advance level from beginner. At completion of course you will be able to create ANY APP you want!

You'll go through +326 easy-for-learing-lectures and +45 hours of professionally produced content, where I show you the secret and easiest way of becoming a professional!

You'll be surprised with the progress you make at completion of the course. Once you completed this course, you don't need other courses to realize your projects! All about development is included in this course!
Yes! It means, you'll be making huge money on your apps submitted on AppStore.

After I spent a lot of time on different courses and tutorials, now I can say - this is what I was looking for! - F. Murray

In this course I've learnt a lot of things that others only promised to teach! - P. Peters

After this course you don't need to buy other courses. This course covers content of 10 other courses. So what are you waiting for? Forget courses with empty promises. Make a step to change your life!

AND REMEMBER… I guarantee a full money back if you are not happy

Go ahead, and enroll! You have nothing to lose. You are investing in yourself and in your BRIGHT FUTURE!

Hurry Up!  It really worth it.

All others are already enrolled in this course.

What are you waiting for?

Never hesitate to invest in yourself.

Who is eligible:


  • You need only OS X (Mac)
  • No pre knowledge required

Who is the target audience?

  • All wanting to learn full programming at once
  • All wanting to become Advance iOS Developer
  • All wanting to learn Full Swift from scratch
  • All wanting to realize their own project or idea

Additional information

Sign up today and you'll get:

  • +45 hours content
  • Full Swift 4 Language Course
  • Full knowledges about iOS development
  • Build +60 different apps
  • Code and practice every element of iOS
  • HD 1080p
  • 7/24 hours live access to me
  • Know all about development
  • Create any app having in your mind
  • This is the only course you need of Swift 4
  • Full Swift 4 is covered in one course

If you're ready to become an Advance in development, enroll right now and start to become a Real Professional of iOS Developer who can make a lot of money sitting at home!

I was a courier, I did not have any programming knowledges. But now I became iOS Developer! Now I can realize any of my projects alone. - P. Batista

I like how simply Akhmed is coding... without complication! I think even kid can understand him. Thanks for a great courses! - S. Spinoza

I suggest his courses to everyone who want learn everything about programming without wasting a time. - K. Sreedhar

From Dummy to Advance in 4 weeks

  • First Look at Swift
  • Introduction to Xcode
  • Hello World App
  • Label
  • Button
  • TextField
  • ImageView
  • TextView
  • Slider
  • Switch
  • Activity Indicator
  • ProgressView
  • Stepper
  • DatePicker
  • PickerView
  • ScrollView
  • All about Views
  • AlertController
  • ActionSheet
  • All about Navigation
  • ToolBar
  • WebView
  • Auto-Layout Pin
  • Auto-Layout Align
  • Alignment
  • ViewController
  • NavigationController
  • TableViewController
  • TableViewCell
  • XIB & NIB
  • Segues
  • Customized TableView
  • TableView Programmatically
  • SearchBar
  • CollectionViewController
  • Customized CollectionView
  • CollectionView Programmatically
  • TabBar
  • Segmented Control
  • PageViewController
  • PageControl
  • ContainerView
  • SplitViewController
  • PickerController
  • Tap Gesture
  • Pinch Gesture
  • Rotate Gesture
  • Swipe Gesture
  • Pan Gesture
  • Edge Pan Gesture
  • Long Press Gesture
  • UserDefaults
  • Global Variables and Constants
  • Notifications
  • JSON
  • CoreData
  • Working Files
  • Custom Fonts
  • All About Layers
  • 3D Action
  • Peak & Pop Controllers
  • Media Player
  • Maps
  • Animation
  • Custom Animated Segues
  • and many many many many many mooore

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Akhmed Idigov

Head of Development

My name is Akhmed! And I would love to teach you to programming.
I have many years of development experience.
I am watching a lot of tutorials everywhere, so I know what I should cover to bring you something new - more than just average knowledges.
With me you will become professional developer.
Get ready and go ahead together :)

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