Recruiting and Sourcing of Technical Talent

Price: 3000 AMD

Date: 21 December 2018
Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Type: Training

Category: Human Resources

Language Armenian

Location: Yerevan

Training Description:

There's a shortage of top technical talent worldwide and in the war for talent it begins with knowing where to find or "source" the best possible candidates and how to relate to them. The demand for qualified technical recruiters has never been higher. The strategies in this course will help you recruit technical talent faster and meet the ever-growing demands of hiring authorities. 

Zara Mirzoyan, technical recruiter, provides advice on how to source and recruit top technical talent, understand what motivates them, validate their credentials, and build a network of qualified candidates. 

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The main stages:

1. Welcome

a. What you should know about technical recruiting
b. The various segments of IT recruiting and how to relate to technical candidates

2. Ensuring Candidate Credentials

a. How to verify technical abilities, degrees, and certifications
b. How to conduct reference checks

3. The demand of IT market

a. The demand and challenges of IT market
b. How to establish relationships with candidates

4. Attracting IT Candidates

a. What attracts top tech talent and how to become the recruiter of choice?
b. How to directly market candidates and create your IT recruiting network

5. Technical Recruiting Best Practices

a. Create a sense of urgency with stakeholders
b. Overcome candidate objections
c. Overcome hiring manager objections
d. When and how to negotiate and close
e. Stay tuned to the industry news and changes

6. An Overview of Talent Sourcing

a. Talent sourcing vs. recruiting
b. Talent sourcing methods
c. Talent sourcing challenges, solutions, and benefits
d. Sourcing objectives and strategies


Zara Mirzoyan (MBA)

Tech recruitment consultant at DTT Global Talent sourcing
Zara provides technical recruitment consultancy for the local and international IT companies. 


Registration deadline: 21 December 2018

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