Professional Business Presentations


День проведения: 11 Август 2021

Тип: Тренинг

Категория: Коммуникация/Журналистика/PR

Язык: Английский

Город: Ереван

Описание тренинга:

The Business and Professional Communications for Success program will provide learners with the essential knowledge to create eye-catching, appropriate business presentations, and apply proper techniques in their business communications, all while working in diverse environments. This program also examines the various types of business presentations in the work environment and allows learners to apply their knowledge to create a stunning presentation.

Professional Business Presentations, will dive into the world of presenting information both in written and verbal form using presentation templates or creating from scratch. This course discusses how to effectively create high-quality presentations with proper formatting, design elements (color scheme, layout, etc.), and organization. The learner will identify the appropriate presentation format and software for their audience. Learners will have the opportunity to utilize the skills gained to create an engaging PowerPoint presentation. Learners will also use their skills to create a professional handout with infographics and record a video presentation, graded by staff, as part of their final project in the course.

By the end of this course learners will be able to:

? Evaluate the organizational steps of a presentation

? Examine various supporting materials for presentations

? Evaluate and discuss various presentation software

? Examine design principles for presentations

? Discuss storytelling for presentations

? Develop a presentation

  • Present via video a polished presentation


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