Deadline: 25 January 2019

Employment term: Permanent

Category: Other IT

Job type: Full time

Location: Yerevan

Job description:

The Yerevan office of the international group of companies ALLABOUT.ME SOCIAL MEDIA LIMITED is looking for an experienced CBDO (Chief business development officer) to join its dynamic team.

Job responsibilities

- Experience in plans development and processes implementation to ensure business growth;

- Market research skills to identify new business opportunities;

- Confirmed examples of successful entering and development in new markets;

- Knowledge of the features of the launch and coordination of new international representative and regional offices in different macro-regions;

- Understanding the specifics of the IT industry;

- Ability to build and maintain internal communications with department heads and responsible executives within the Company for the implementation of useful strategic approaches in order to ensure a successful outcome of business initiatives and development projects;

- Readiness to business trips.

Required qualifications

- Participation in the development of a short-term and long-term development strategy of the company;

- Expansion of geographic reach, product promotion, opening of branches in the regions, creation of a network of agents;

- Building and maintaining high-level contacts with existing and prospective business and project partners;

- Development of business proposals for new and existing partners;

- Preparation, coordination of the annual marketing budget and tracking expenses according to the budget;

- Managing the collection of statistical information within the Company's business, conducting its analysis;

- Preparation of reports on the execution of business development plans.

Additional information

- Salary based on the results of the interview;

- Work in an international company and the perspective of working with other countries;

- Participation in the creation and promotion of the project on the basis of leading technologies;

- Work in a creative, highly motivated team of experts and enthusiasts;

- Participation in team buildings

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You can apply for this job just by following Application procedure.

Application procedures

All interested and qualified candidates are welcome to send CV to [email protected] mentioning “CBDO” in the subject line. We are looking forward to your applications.

Please clearly mention that you have heard of this job opportunity on staff.am

Contact details

Website։ https://all.me

Phone: (060) 544-000

Address: , Baghramyan 53 , Yerevan , Armenia

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