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Mental Arithmetic (Abakus) is a programme designed to develop a child's overall intelligence and creative abilities including (but not limited to): - quick counting; - concentration; - visual and auditory memory; - critical thinking; - collaborative learning; - information recall. Overall, Abakus Center seeks to enhance a child's academic progress while fostering confidence and independence. Abakus Center provides the opportunity for all it's students to realize their academic, social, and overall potential!

The goal of Abakus Center is to give students the ability to use only their mind to complete mathematical questions, familiarity with mathematical tools and develop holistic problem-solving skills. Between the imagination of the child and our innovative instructive methods, you will be impressed at the drastic results!

Industry: Education

Number of Employees: 200-500

Location: Mashtots 2/3 , Yerevan, Armenia


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Mashtots 2/3 , Yerevan, Armenia
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