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Brushette is a LA based ecommerce startup in the consumer dental space, we bootstrapped $400k since 2017. We just went online early 2019 to deliver a better oral hygiene to consumers’ bathrooms through a subscription service. The replacement heads of your electric toothbrush is the first vertical we are focusing on, with future developments on toothpaste, mouthwash etc... Our brushettes are solving a pricing problem (10x cheaper than Oral-B) and a hygiene problem (only company offering sterilized bristles) that address to 28-45 moms, life coach, healthy, wellness, yoga and LGBTQs segments. We’ve just launched and need to gain traction by growing our subscriber base to 10000 people in both US and EU markets in order to raise further capital. Exit strategy includes Oral-B and the like in a 5-7 years range.


Industry: Sports /Beauty
Date of Foundation: 2017

Number of Employees: up to 50

Location: 3900 W Alameda Ave, Yerevan, United States


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3900 W Alameda Ave, Yerevan, United States