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EasyData want to be present in countries where digital demands grow rapidly.

This works when supported by ambitious young people talented in New Technologies.
That’s why EasyData come to Armenia and open for people who are looking for a carrier.

EasyData is about innovative Data Science solutions and we are looking for people to support us.

It’s not about being global...
At EasyData we believe in the future and is eager to be part of the IT development sector in Armenia.

Our innovative solutions work best on the place where they born.
That's why we invite you to participate in our yourney!


Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 1999

Number of Employees: up to 50

Location: 6 Abelyan St, Yerevan, Armenia


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EasyData Armenia proposition

EasyData aims on global clients while keeping an eye on demands around us.

EasyData Armenia will be commited to support future our Armenian partners.
Data Science in Armenian is growing and we want to be on this road together.

The Armenian IT education is known for its quality and like you to prove this.
We work in mixed teams what will benefit your ongoing personal development.

Involvement, your input means influence as we value your opinion in our team.

Coming together is a beginning,

                                            Staying together is progress,

                                                                                and working together is success!


Our platform and company history

One of our products is called EasySeparate and know as the Swiss knife for Data Capture solutions.

This platform is designed for any company size or volume, usable for Linux and Windows systems.

It’s a multifunctional simple to install solution for analyzing and capturing data from documents, 

EasySeparate recognizes and classifies content from any source and procress the data accordingly.

That's where you come in, we always have complex requests that asked for a skilled creative approach.
You're not alone, some EasyData engineers are working on these specific resolutions form more that 20 years.
In other words, people starting to work at EasyData seems to have the habit to stay for a longer time.

While working at EasyData you 'automatically' embrace our 'digital transformation without obligations' concept.
It means that possible clients are invited to test our platform free of charge to learn if it's really fitting their needs.



Another product example

PDFCommunicator is an unique solution in reach of every office

PDFCommunicator produces a PDF and XML with the document content, automatically|

An innovative PDF & XML converter with a range of features  to create PDFs with additional Smart XML. 
EasyData deliver a trial version on request and realize an optimum combination of the price and quality.

The user can use different organization lay-outs for PDF documents or add watermarks to documents.

Many more features can be found inside PDFCommunicator and it's constantly expanding...
As a stand-alone product or used as technology inside wider EasyData solutions.

That's why EasyData is looking for you, realizing idea's and wishes into reality! 


6 Abelyan St, Yerevan, Armenia