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Welcome to Foody - Armenia's top-notch food preparation company. We masterfully blend traditional culinary skills with modern cooking methods. Operating from our two advanced dark kitchens, we are deeply committed to using only the best local ingredients in every meal we prepare. We avoid spreads, palm oil, and other substitutes that not only alter taste and quality, but also pose potential health risks. We take pride in delivering irresistible meals directly to your doorstep, whether you're a busy family or a thriving company. Our dedication to top-tier service and culinary excellence has won us the support of some of the most respected companies in Armenia. They rely on us to supply delicious, healthy food options for their teams. Understanding the importance of convenience without sacrificing quality, we've introduced our innovative Foody Fridges. These are conveniently located in business centers and companies such as Volo, Synergy, and Data Art, among others. With Foody Fridges, a fresh, tasty meal is always just a few steps away, regardless of where your work or life commitments take you. We encourage you to check out what we have to offer and learn more about our unwavering commitment to bringing you the very best. For more details, visit our website and become part of the Foody community today, where quality, convenience, and taste blend in perfect harmony.

Industry: Online Service
Date of Foundation: 2020

Number of Employees: up to 50

Location: Ազատություն 24, Yerevan, Armenia


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Ազատություն 24, Yerevan, Armenia