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We seek, evaluate, invest and deliver an innovative, life-changing solution that reinvents market standards, raise consumer expectations, and create a long-lasting positive impact on our customers’ lives. 

What first began as a food distribution company, soon enlarged its portfolio to spheres such as consumer goods, retail, real estate, hospitality, telecommunications, and IT industries. As of today, Galaxy Group of companies has 3,000+ employees and is represented in 3 countries with over 10 diverse fields of operations.

The people that we work for and work with are our main source of inspiration. We hope to ensure a higher quality of life for people by increasing efficiency, delivering simpler spoliations, and constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

As one of the largest employers in Armenia, we truly believe in the power of knowledge and experiences. We invest in our professionals, and potential employees. As we grow, we have more and more opportunities we can offer to our professional community. Join us on our mission!

Industry: Import/Export/Trade
Date of Foundation: 1999

Number of Employees: 1500-2000

Location: Galaxy Group of Companies, Yerevan, Armenia


Active jobs (2)

Companies that are part of Galaxy Group of Companies

Although we are a large group, we are connected by one goal - to disrupt industries, any and all. We invest in all professionals to ensure not only career growth but personal growth as well. We work together, alongside each other, but also give ownership over each task or project. This is how we are able to develop and grow.

In specific, Galaxy Group of Companies and its corresponding industries and companies. 

  1. IT & Tech - Ucom, Innovation & Technology Park.
  2. Entertainment & Hospitality - Courtyard by Marriott; SantaFe; Pahest33; Paul,  Capitan kid's Treasure Island; Kinopark .
  3. Real Estate & Construction - Yerevan Mall, Roomshin.
  4. Retail: TI'ME, Chronograph, Pandora.
  5. Importation & Production: MegaFood.


Galaxy Group of Companies, Yerevan, Armenia
+374 11 500003