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Globbing is an international corporation uniting 12 countries. Currently, the company operates in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait and carries out deliveries from 8 countries. It is constantly on the path to global expansion. The world-famous ABC News and NBC News recognized the brand as a mega-successful startup.
Today, Globbing is the leader in this field in Armenia in those areas that are the most important to clients.
Globbing is the leader in 8 directions and 12 delivery methods, in the largest network of 150+ innovative service centers and lockers, in the number of delivered parcels, in the number of clients, etc.
In 2023, Globbing increased the volume of international deliveries to all directions combined by 228%.
The main goal of the company is to change shopping culture around the world by offering the best online shopping experience. Currently, Globbing employs more than 300 employees.

Industry: Online Service
Date of Foundation: 2015

Number of Employees: 200-500

Location: 44/53 Hr. Kochar str., Yerevan, Armenia


Active jobs (13)

Education is the best investment!

At Globbing, we believe that education is the best investment. About 630 students have worked or completed professional training with the Globbing team for the last five years. At the moment, there are also a number of students in our team who got the opportunity to work in a mega-successful startup and gain work experience. Continuing our idea, we are introducing a new, unique “Globbing Student” membership, which will provide a number of benefits to students, and most importantly, the opportunity to participate in “Globbing Scholarship”.


It's been 5 years since we met. Together we managed to introduce endless innovations and change the shopping culture in Armenia once and for ever. Globbing paved the way for other organizations, and Armenia was named the most innovative country in the region according to NBC and ABC. To do the almost impossible - to dedicate yourself to limitless innovation. Welcome to Ginnovation. From now on, every week we will introduce you to new big and small innovative features that will make online shopping even more convenient. We were the first to introduce:

• Online shopping stores

• Actual weight calculation

• First robotic innovation system

• Integration with Customs authorities

• The first automatic lockers in Armenia

• The first franchising program in Armenia and much more.

Online Shopping Fest - the biggest E-commerce event in the region

On November 23, Globbing hosted the most awaited and largest event of the year in the field of e-commerce and shopping. Many celeb guests, thousands of visitors, trainings from speakers, tips on how to save money, endless positive vibes and surprises.


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44/53 Hr. Kochar str., Yerevan, Armenia