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CJSC INOGATE is a technology company whose main activity is aimed at developing software solutions that leverage the power of signal processing algorithms and machine learning techniques to extract valuable information from complex data streams. We provide a comprehensive package of solutions such as superior image capture, positioning and mapping, including real-time analytics. We design and develop sophisticated signal processing algorithms to analyze and manipulate various types of signals, such as audio, video, image, and sensor data. Our software efficiently filters, enhances, and extracts meaningful information from noisy or raw input signals. We leverage machine learning for pattern recognition, predictive modeling, anomaly detection, and optimization to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of signal analysis. Our mission is to drive technological advancement and create a positive impact across industries by leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Industry: Information technologies

Number of Employees: up to 50

Location: Yerevan, Armenia


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Yerevan, Armenia