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For over 7 years INOWISE SYSTEMS (the same as DANIAM) has been bringing custom and platform-based software solutions to small and mid-sized companies in Healthcare, Utilities, IT and other industries. We use our extensive experience in cutting-edge software solutions, to help business accelerate adoption of new technologies and untangle complex issues. Whether it is a user-oriented application or an enterprise-class solution, we lead the process from idea and concept to delivery, and provide ongoing testing and maintenance support. Our aim is to enable the business to transform, scale, and gain competitive advantage through the delivery of innovative, secure, and easy-to-use web applications. We believe that the data-driven solutions together with an attractive design can increase efficiency and achieve better outcomes.



Enterprise Software Development
We offer top-notch Enterprise Applications on the web, mobile and desktop, to smoothen your business processes and enhance customer experience. In case you need a solid software foundation for your company to impede your employees productivity, benefit from our expertise in enterprise software development.

Mobile Application Development
With various top-notch mobile app development projects under our belt, Inowise offers full-cycle development services tailored to your business objectives. We ideologize and create apps for Android and iOS devices that can help your business deliver digitally transformative, high-performing, and user-friendly solutions. We have you covered all the way: from market analysis to UI/UX design, software development, testing, and support. The main goal is to get maximum benefits from the current mobile technologies.

Data Analytics and Visualisation
At Inowise, we believe that data visualization is an essential part of any data analytics. It allows us to define current trends in your field, measure KPI achievement, easily identify patterns in consumer behavior. By comparing the performance of different categories and products of your business we get real time information in a format that supports decision-making.

Product Development
At Inowise, we begin every product development journey with a thorough analysis of your business domain to identify field trends and understand market requirements. This helps to ensure that all our delivered solutions are focused on adding value to your customers and helping you achieve the maximum ROI. Our software development team translates these insights to equip you with competitive advantage. We offer end-to-end product development services: from prototyping and product development to product testing and support.

Custom Software Development
At Inowise, we develop and implement Custom Software Development solutions created specifically for your company needs, budget and timeframe. Our main focus is on making your workflows more efficient and facilitating your data management. Our software is scalable and flexible enough for you to easily adapt down the road and make a difference in the tech world.

Web Application Development
Nowadays, the business world has become extremely competitive and web applications have turned out to be a vital element of any organization. For you, as an enterprise, it's a great lead generation magnet and it fosters growth in valuation and intellectual property in the long run. We are specialized in developing highly-secured and featured-rich web applications, user-friendly optimized solutions to give your brand a unique presence.

Cloud Application Development
Our cloud solutions can be easily and rapidly integrated into your existing development process and start bringing value right away. Inowise leverages industry-specific expertise to transform your enterprise applications into high-performing yet cost-effective cloud solutions.

System Integration
System integration services help your company, your customers and employees become better connected to the digital experiences of today and to stay competitive and relevant in this globalized world. Strategic technology solutions, process optimization and a well-organized functioning body are key factors of Inowise’s enterprise system integration services, designed to achieve customer success.

Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2015

Number of Employees: up to 50

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

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Yerevan, Armenia