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Diving more into the emotional and humanistic complexities of some of our favourite places brings us to this moment in time.

Didn't we all spend the best portion of our youth in Grandma's basement, playing crazy games and creating our own imaginary world? That's why Nkoogh's idea was so brilliant, a place that would bring together the town's intellectuals.

Everybody enjoys table games, intellectual challenges, and simply hanging out with their pals, so do we. In Yerevan, you had a hard time finding a venue where we could do it. This is when the concept of Nkoogh came along. Here you can have the fun all-inclusive- delicious kitchen, great bar, and the atmosphere is what you need to chill with your friends.

Nkoogh is a “feels like home” bar where the mind travels to for a quick pit stop, a lengthy hangout with friends.  This “go-to” bar is more about the experience than the drink in hand.
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Industry: Tourism/Hospitality/Entertainment

Location: 22 Abovyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

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22 Abovyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia