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Who We Are
QLess specializes in virtual queuing and appointment scheduling software. Individuals can wait wherever they want, and our software will send them SMS updates about their place in the line and estimated wait times. We’ve saved millions of minutes that could have been wasted standing in line. We operate primarily in government, higher education, retail, and healthcare markets.


How We Got Here
QLess was founded in 2007, making us the first company to offer a queue management  solution. In that time, we’ve added appointment scheduling capabilities reporting features and improved our flagship virtual queuing platform.
QLess was recently acquired by Palisades Growth Capital, accelerating our ability to expand. The new ownership has come with a significant round of fundraising, a plethora of employment opportunities, and an accelerated roadmap to reach our future goals.


Our Mission
Our success lies with those who have a passion for helping businesses find solutions. We want to arm organizations with workflow intelligence and customer engagement solutions – enabling business growth, efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences.

Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2007

Number of Employees: 50-200

Location: 24/17 Azatutyan Ave, Yerevan, Armenia


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California dreaming in Armenia :)

‘’You should bring a puffer jacket with you, Theo!‘’, - said everyone at QLess Armenia when we learned that our very own Director of Product Theo Botwick was going to visit our beautiful mountainous country in spring :)
‘’But it’s still spring, right? Riiight?‘’. -‘’Well, not the one you are used to in California’’.

This trip was definitely destined to be memorable and extremely white and snowy.

While Theo was brainstorming his brilliant ideas about the product vision at our extremely cozy office, armed with tons of coffee and snacks (by the way, our coffee machine is heaven for all the coffee lovers), Armenian spring was planning something special for our special guest.

On our spectacular trip to Haghartsin Theo was lucky enough to dive into the snow for the first time in 5 years! A dream come true for a Californian, right?

There were other great memories made during the trip but we`ll share them with you when you join our QLess tribe:) Excited, huh?!

Argentinian barbecue with Armenian spices:)

Creative mind likes both consistency and variety, isn`t it true?

As a Product design team Lead at QLess, Max Caccio is very particular and picky about his work and food!

While Argentina is very famous for its delicious and exquisite cuisine, we in Armenia were absolutely thrilled for Max to try our traditional lavash, dolma, khorovads (barbecue), ghapama and all the other yummies we are so proud of.

The tension was real after each food tasting. What will be Max`s verdict? Did he like it? Everyone wants to have a happy Design Team Lead, right? :)

This was all fun until one day Max said he missed Argentinian food and we had to impress him with Argentinian cuisine in Yerevan.
We all tried Asado and Ceviche for the first time in our lives guided by Max`s expert knowledge of mixing and matching tastes and spices. It was a blast!

Moral of the story: keep your Design Lead happy, his food tasty and his Mate thermos full!

This way your product has no other choice but to rock the world with its perfect User experience and interface :)

P.S Max didn`t manage to try our ‘’khash’’ though but we have a different story on this!

End-to-end quality check:)

Have you ever seen a Senior QA Manager who is thrilled about food, partying and sightseeing as much as controlling the quality of your product? Sounds like a magical mix, right? But Dante Baker is real and he is our very own Senior QA Manager:) Besides having a great personality and being an excellent professional, Dante is passionate about learning other cultures. During his trip to Armenia, he was excited to know each and every detail about us as a nation. From the ancient history of carpet making to modern traditions and best clubs in Yerevan.This is called ‘’end-to-end quality check’’ or tAsting haha:) We were extremely impressed by Dante`s exquisite ability to adapt and treat every new thing that he tried as if he`d known those for ages. But we were not going to give up our endeavors to truly challenge him. So we thought about Khash! ‘’Dante, this is going to be a cultural shock for you. Are you really ready to do this?. The answer was positive. And there was Dante, eating Armenian khash in the most authentic way possible. He managed to learn all the tips and tricks to make the experience as perfect as possible. We are figuring out another challenge for Dante during his next visit. We are still thinking…)))


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24/17 Azatutyan Ave, Yerevan, Armenia