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About SoftConstruct

Founded by the Badalyan brothers in 2010 SoftConstruct is an innovative technology developer for a number of IT spheres. The company managed to originate such market leading labels as BetConstruct, FeedConstruct, SpringBME, Ucraft, Fasttoken, FastShift and more. Being independent trademarks, all the brands make up a large SoftConstruct family.
Aimed to attain the technological race, SoftConstruct’s group of experts initiated new approaches towards working with consumers by offering specifically designed industry related products and solutions.
At this point, SoftConstruct has over 2,000 employees, 10+ trademarks and a number of branch offices operating worldwide. Habitually, making shattering advancements to our products and solutions, we are on the right path to deliver more elevation to us and our clients.

Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2015

Number of Employees: more than 1500

Location: Garegin Hovsepyan 20, AM, Yerevan


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About SoftConstruct

You still don't know what we are doing, do you? Then this video is for you. The video gives information about main activity of SoftConstruct. We do not only create products but we also offer full support to our partners.

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Garegin Hovsepyan 20, AM, Yerevan
(010) 510051