Head of Communication and Development Programs

Deadline: 05 April 2023

Employment term: Permanent

Category: Quality Assurance /Control

Job type: Full time

Location: Yerevan

Job description:

Education is a field that requires professionals to be passionate about their work. They must also have the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively with students, parents, teachers, administrators, etc. Head of Development Programs oversee all aspects of the school’s educational programs.

The Head of Development Programs may oversee everything from curriculum development to teacher training to student assessment. They may also be responsible for developing partnerships with local businesses or other organizations to provide additional opportunities for students outside the classroom.

Job responsibilities

  • Establishing academic goals for students and ensuring that they meet international standards for academics
  • Managing student discipline issues such as responding to student complaints about teachers or dealing with disciplinary issues such as bullying or drug use
  • Overseeing curriculum development and academic standards at schools
  • Ensuring that all students are receiving appropriate educational services such as counseling, tutoring, or special education programs
  • Working with parents to ensure they understand their child’s progress and have an active role in their child’s education
  • Developing policies and procedures to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education
  • Develop, write, coordinate and oversee innovative, specialized projects within the Early Years, Primary and Secondary, and Further Education curriculum, including the development of relevant work materials and workbooks
  • Work in partnership with HOE Directors/Assistants, Heads, and Coordinators to develop the curriculums including high-quality schemes of work mapped to curriculum outcomes, relevant to the target audience
  • Development of progression pathways and instigation of such, including accreditation; recording outcomes
  • Develop and deliver the Education and Skills strategy including the qualification framework and apprentice strategy
  • Manage targets for the World Education zones and seeking for the international partnerships
  • Establish and extend relationships with members of local partnerships and boards, particularly around education and skills
  • Contribute to the processes of forward planning and development of programs.
  • Identify PR opportunities and case studies
  • Promoting English-speaking community and English Language Department activities

Required qualifications

  • Education- master's degree
  • Teaching/tutoring qualification
  • Fluency in English both in written and oral forms
  • Computer science knowledge

Required candidate level: Senior

Additional information

Аpply online via staff.am and follow entire application process.

Soft skills

Leadership skills

Negotiation skills

Written communication skills

Positive attitude

Time management

Problem solving 

Conflict resolution skills



Decision making

Critical thinking


Ability to work under pressure


Stress management

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Contact details

Website http://www.europeanschool.am

Phone: (091) 046-685

Address: Դավիթ Անհաղթ 10, Yerevan, Armenia

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