Incoming Tour Manager

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Deadline: 13 October 2017

Employment term: Permanent

Category: Hospitality/Tourism/Food service

Job type: Full time

Location: Yerevan

Job description:

The Candidate should have relevant degree in similar position and vast experience in tour operation, package tours, product design, incentives, promotions etc.. He must have vast experience in dealing with Tour operators, Travel Agencies, Transportation providers, Tour Guides etc…

Job responsibilities:

-make contact in advance with places to stay or visit to check details and arrangements

-liaise with hotels, coach companies, restaurants and other clients
-advise about facilities, such as sights, restaurants and shops, at each destination

-organise and attend tourism events, conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions
-write reports and maintain records
-provide feedback after a tour as part of a debrief session.

Required qualifications:


A good working knowledge of foreign languages /English, Russian/

-excellent planning and organisational skills

-self-confidence and the ability to inspire confidence in others

-the capacity to make decisions quickly and change arrangements as required

-the ability to work well under pressure and cope with emergencies

-energy, stamina and the enthusiasm to cope with different people's needs and demands over long, often irregular, working hours
an interest in geography and historical sites

-Strong written and verbal communication skills

-Proven Sales and marketing abilities

-Organizational and plenary skills

-Customer serves skills

-Financial management skills

-Marketing and selling skills

-Research skills

-Negotiation skills

-Travel and Tourism management experience

-Strong leadership and team building staff

-Hotel operation knowledge

Additional information:

Armenia is a country with amazing nature, rich history and inestimable monuments. With its ancient churches and architectural landmarks, it deserves to be called an open-air museum.

GO Nature tour operator endeavors to present the advantages of traveling to Armenia to the tourists and help them reveal the country’s innumerable treasures. In this role, we appear with new offers and highly competitive services.

With over 20 years of experience, our team of professionals will bend every effort to make your vacation unforgettable.

The vision of GO Nature’s top management is: “We are offering the best travel and hospitality solutions to our customers in cooperation with the shareholders”

GO Nature collaborates with the best Armenian hotels, resorts and entertainment centers. Our guests, who are wishing to explore the ancient country, can choose between “Discover Armenia”, “The Cradle of Christianity”, “Open-Air Museum”, “Capital of Culture” and other trips. Besides, we can offer individual tours, basing on the customers’ taste and preferences. Our packages are not at all limited to meeting the guests at the airport and then seeing them off. We are ready to assist in any event, whether it is visa processing, car hire, or other travel services.

With years of working in the Gulf countries, GO Nature employees have welcomed VIP guests from different countries, organizing trips for governmental and royal delegations from all over the world.

Cooperating with the leading airlines and major travel agents across the globe, we provide a full suite of inbound tourism services, including affordable air tickets and a wide range of tours. At the same time, we will offer our Armenian customers travel packages to anywhere in the world.

There are no closed doors! We will arrange any journey to any destination!

Our mission is: “We provide high-level travel and hospitality services to all our customers wherever they are”.

One of our objectives is to boost the Armenian tourism services market, introducing the best international standards. We intend to raise awareness about Armenia, attracting tourists from various countries.

We pledge to act with honesty and transparency, strengthening cooperation with our shareholders. Encouraged by our national pride and social responsibility, we are ready to serve you every time and everywhere.

If you meet the requirements above and are interested in the position announced, please, e-mail your detailed CV to [email protected].

Professional skills:

Microsoft Office

MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint

Project Management



MS Word

Soft skills:

Ability to work independently


Written communication skills

Positive attitude


Communication Skills

Company details

Industry: Tourism/Hospitality/Entertainment

Number of employees: up to 10

Contact details


Phone: (077) 935-993, (095) 935-993

Address: , koryun 3 , Yerevan , Armenia

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