Java Engineer

Deadline: 31 January 2020

Employment term: Permanent

Category: Software development

Job type: Full time

Location: Yerevan

Job description:

PicsArt is looking for a talented Java Engineer to join our highly skilled software development team. The ideal candidate is expected to work in a big data infrastructure, determine technical requirements, make architectural decisions, create/design documents, develop and test.

Job responsibilities

  • Take on some of the most significant problems in high-performance, scalable analytics;
  • Work closely with analysts and data scientists to develop data-driven dashboards and systems;
  • Monitor performance and advise on any necessary infrastructure changes;
  • Translate application storyboards and use cases into functional applications;
  • Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable and reliable Java code;
  • Ensure the best possible performance, quality, responsiveness and scalability of the applications;
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, devise solutions to these problems;
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization;
  • Be ready for unforeseen situations and be able to respond appropriately;
  • Be available to mentor Junior Engineers on the team.

Required qualifications

  • BS/MA degree in a highly quantitative field or equivalent;
  • Experience with complex distributed systems and service-oriented architectures;
  • Experience with big data tech stack (Hadoop, HDFS, HBase, Kafka, Spark, Spark Streaming, Presto, Hive, Drupal, Flume, Samza, Yarn);
  • Experience with JavaSE with good knowledge of its ecosystems;
  • Knowledge of concurrency patterns in Java;
  • Familiar with object-oriented programming;
  • Familiar with fundamental design principles behind a scalable application;
  • Build stream-processing systems by using solutions such as Spark-Streaming is a plus;
  • Knowledge of various ETL techniques and frameworks: such as Flume is a plus;
  • Experience with Python and Scala is a plus;
  • Proven track record of leading and delivering large projects independently;
  • Proven ability and willingness to learn new technologies;
  • Advanced written and verbal English communication skills.

Familiarity with:

  • Concepts of Spring framework, MVC, and RESTful;
  • Various design and architectural patterns;
  • Code versioning tools, such as Git;
  • Build tools such as Maven or Gradle;
  • JVM, its limitations, weaknesses, and workarounds.

Professional skills


Big Data


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Phone: (011) 512-123

Address: Halabyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

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