Middle/Middle+ Frontend Developer (Vue 3/ Nuxt 3)

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Deadline: 19 April 2024

Employment term: Permanent

Category: Software development

Job type: Full time

Location: Yerevan

Job description:

Our Technology Stack:

Core Technologies:

  • Project on Nuxt3: We utilize Nuxt3 for convenient development with Vue3, supporting modern standards and ensuring high performance. Includes TypeScript support for typing and improving code quality.


  • Custom UIKit: We develop a unique UI kit to ensure uniformity and enhance user experience.
  • Mobile-First Responsive Design: Prioritizing mobile devices to achieve perfect display across all screen types.
  • SCSS and Pixel Perfect: Using SCSS for flexible and modular styling, aiming for pixel-perfect accuracy in line with design mockups.

Testing and Documentation:

  • Cypress for Testing: Ensuring code and functionality reliability with Cypress tests.
  • Storybook: Utilizing Storybook for documentation and demonstration of UI components.
  • VitePress for Documentation: Creating and maintaining project documentation with VitePress, facilitating navigation throughout the project.

Integrations and Development Tools:

  • Working with DaData and Dbrain: Integrating DaData services for information search and Dbrain for photo recognition, expanding the possibilities for employee search.
  • Tools: Using GitLab, Swagger, Postman, gitFork, and browserStack for efficient development, API testing, and ensuring compatibility with various browsers and devices.

Project Management:

  • Agile and Jira: Applying agile project management methodologies with Jira to organize the workflow, ensure task transparency, and facilitate effective team communication.

Job responsibilities

Your Responsibilities:

Research and Problem-Solving:

  • Task Analysis and Evaluation: Conduct in-depth analysis of assigned tasks, evaluate their complexity and importance to achieve project goals.
  • Problem Solving: Actively participate in the process of solving complex and interesting problems using innovative approaches and technologies.


  • Prototype Development: Create prototypes for new ideas and functionality, allowing for rapid hypothesis testing and feedback from the team and users.

Development and Enhancement:

  • New Functionality Development: Take an active part in creating new features and improving existing functionality to ensure the best user experience with the product.
  • Applying Coding Best Practices: Follow principles and standards of code quality to ensure its reliability, readability, and maintainability.

Quality Control and Optimization:

  • Code Review: Regularly conduct code reviews of your colleagues' work, share knowledge and experience for mutual growth and improvement of product quality.
  • Refactoring and Optimization: Continuously seek ways to improve performance and code quality through refactoring and optimization of existing functionality for maximum efficiency.

Required qualifications

Required Qualifications:

Technical Skills:

  • Strong expertise in Vue.js and Nuxt.js: Proven experience building complex applications with Vue 3 and Nuxt 3, including understanding of their core principles, plugins, and server-side rendering capabilities.
  • Proficient in modern JavaScript (ES6+): Deep understanding of JavaScript, including ES6 and beyond, and its application in developing high-performance web applications.
  • Experience with TypeScript: Solid experience in using TypeScript in a Vue.js context to ensure type safety and enhance code quality and maintainability.
  • Advanced CSS and Preprocessors: Proficient in CSS, SCSS/SASS, with the ability to implement complex layouts, responsive designs, and adhere to pixel-perfect UI requirements.
  • Familiarity with testing frameworks: Experience with testing tools and frameworks like Cypress for end-to-end testing and Jest for unit testing.
  • Knowledge of modern web APIs and protocols: Understanding of RESTful services, GraphQL, WebSockets, and modern API consumption in frontend applications.
  • Version control with Git: Comfortable using version control systems, preferably Git, including branching, merging, and pull requests.

Soft Skills:

  • Problem-solving ability: Strong analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems efficiently and creatively.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills, capable of clearly articulating technical challenges and solutions to both technical and non-technical team members.
  • Team collaboration: Experience working in agile development teams, contributing to a collaborative, dynamic, and inclusive environment.
  • Continuous learning: A commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.
  • Attention to detail: High attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable software solutions.

Desirable Additional Skills:

  • UI/UX design experience: Basic understanding of UI/UX design principles for creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Experience with cloud services: Familiarity with deploying and managing applications on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Backend development knowledge: Basic understanding of backend technologies and frameworks, which facilitates better integration with backend services.

Required candidate level: Mid level

Additional information

  • Fluency in Russian is required: For successful integration into our team, it is essential to be fluent in Russian, as internal communication and project documentation are primarily in Russian.

  • English language as an advantage: Good knowledge of English will be considered a significant advantage, as it enables more effective work on international projects and facilitates access to technical documentation and learning resources.

Please clearly mention that you have heard of this job opportunity on staff.am

Professional skills

JavaScript Frameworks

Vue js


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