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ArctX is an international IT software solutions provider headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia. In addition, we provide our products and services to different businesses outside Armenia - all over the world.
Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art technology to businesses big and small. The Founder of ArctX had a long-desired goal to move all the business assets to Yerevan and establish a successful software company that can provide high-tech products to businesses worldwide. 
Today, ArctX is a fully functioning company operating in Armenia with 200 + employees sharing their exceptional skills with each other and earning competitive salaries. Our goal is to grow by bringing together bright individuals who share our values and help them to discover their hidden skills and  to create a more successful career path. We believe in our employees and want to do everything at our hands to help them succeed.

If you are passionate about being a part of our community of creative individuals and open-minded people then join us.

Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2020

Number of Employees: 50-200

Location: Pavstos Buzand Street , Yerevan, Armenia


Active jobs (11)

ArctX Birthday celebrations

In May 2021, we celebrated ArctX's birthday with our whole team. 4 months later, our team has doubled.🎉 With more than 200 employees ArctX is growing with rocket speed. Join our amazing team, work together with the best professionals in the industry!


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Pavstos Buzand Street , Yerevan, Armenia