Junior Customer Communication Specialist

Deadline: 13 May 2021

Employment term: Permanent

Category: Software development

Job type: Full time

Location: Yerevan

Job description:

Joomag culture thrives on open communication and the exchange of ideas. Our team member is identified not only by the high level of professionalism but also of passion and enthusiasm towards Changes. Getting results and being effective is crucial; we Dream Big and become smarter every day.

Our Customer Success Department has a significant impact on the success of the business, as it creates an image of Joomag and impression in the eyes of our customers. That is why each team in the department (Customer Success, Quality Control, and Customer Education) targets designing successful long-term relationships with our customers and putting their wishes at the center of operations. 

Now we welcome talented Junior Customer Communication Specialist to build strong relationships with customers, monitor, and improve their experience with our product.

Job responsibilities

Performance objectives:

1. The first objective is to build long-term relationships with our customers, improve their customer experience, drive new revenue opportunities and ultimately ensure success on the Joomag platform.

Typical tasks here include: 

  • serve as a customer advocate, including collecting customer feedback on product needs to transfer to Product Team, understanding customer and industry trends and articulating those back to the business
  • work with new and existing Joomag customers, serve as the primary contact to provide onboarding of new customers, the training of platform end users, as well as post-go-live support
  • be the single point of contact and work closely with internal resources on escalation and resolution processes for critical customer issues.
  • increase customer retention and adoption rates by conducting regular check-in calls to assess the level of satisfaction or lack thereof.
  • track customer activity and health to identify churn risk and work proactively via targeted outreach campaigns to eliminate that risk, while simultaneously identifying and closing up-sell opportunities when applicable.


2. The second objective is to Work Like a Team, Live Like a Family.

We spend a lot of time together. As a result, we’ve come to know each other as a family. We take care of our own, celebrate success, learn through failure and respect each other regardless of our different viewpoints. So you need to:

  • demonstrate reliability, do your fair share to work hard and meet milestones. Consistency is key.
  • cooperate: we achieved total synergy in our work, thus you are expected to figure out ways to work together with different teams (specifically sales and engineering), solve problems and get common work done.
  • share openly and willingly: beyond discussions & meetings, everyone in Joomag feels comfortable talking with one another, sharing opinions and accepting those from others. Thus it’s important for you to be willing to share knowledge, and experience taking the initiative to keep other team members informed and engaged.

Required qualifications

  • close to native fluency in English։ besides just loving to talk in English, you have well-developed business speaking and writing skills. This is crucial (!) as we communicate and build sustainable relationships with English-spoken customers (other UN language, specifically Spanish, would be a privilege). 
  • negotiation and presentation skills: As being a B2B player most of Joomag’s interactions include negotiations, therefore, you need to understand needs, discover the positive/negative sides of the situation and find cross-beneficial solutions meanwhile keeping Company’s name high and maintaining a positive relationship.
  • tech-savviness: Here’s the list of technological tools you will directly use in your work: Hubspot, Intercom, Jira, Confluence, Joomag internal tools, etc. You will start your job with an onboarding program and several mentor shadow sessions aimed to show and teach you everything, however being at least enthusiastic to become savvy with technology is a must.

Final notes:

  • Working schedule is as follows: Monday to Friday, one working week: from 10 AM to 7 PM, another one: from 6 PM to 3 AM (we provide safe transportation)
  • Joomag Armenia office is located on Saryan street
  • All working relationships are systemized by Armenian Labour Law.

Required candidate level: Junior

Additional information

Why join Joomag? 

Professional skills


Persuasive presentation skills

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Application procedures

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Joomag Core Values

Deliver Outstanding Service

Our priority is designing and delivering outstanding products and services to our customers. Since the very beginning, Joomag’s “Live Chat” service has been helping customers whenever they need it. Every department at Joomag pushes the boundaries to create exceptional value. Therefore, we go to extraordinary lengths to make our customers happy..

Drive Change

We’re constantly searching for new ways to cultivate innovative mindsets and drive change within our business. We value our team’s ability to innovate, disrupt, and win by taking responsibility and keeping an eye on the prize at all times. We are not afraid to speak up and present thoughtful ideas. So always share your ideas!

Embrace Fun & Happiness

Working hard for something you love is called passion. At Joomag, we hire people who simply love what they do. There’s always fun and freedom involved with our work. And yes, we have a space for employees to be weird, fun, and different whenever they want to. Happiness is contagious at Joomag.

Think out of the Box: Our passionate and innovative team always strives to push the boundaries between innovation and creativity. We don’t fear mistakes. We learn and grow from them

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Continuous learning is the cornerstone of our success. To achieve that success, we stay focused on the goals and aspirations we seek to achieve. We simplify, standardize, and streamline our work whenever possible. Our Joomag family is composed of people who have a passion for learning and thrive on new challenges.

Be Open & Honest

We strive for open communication and fairness. It’s very important that people “walk the talk” and do what they say they are going to do. We inspire people to have high expectations, standards, and goals. Honesty is the best policy, and that’s why we’re very candid when it comes to job performance. So receive any feedback and turn it into action.

Work Like a Team, Live Like a Family

We spend a lot of time together. As a result, we’ve come to know each other as a family. At Joomag,  we take care of our own, have fun, celebrate success, learn through failure, praise and not criticise, communicate freely, and respect each other regardless of our different viewpoints.

Do More with Less

We prefer to find the best solutions that push us forward and generate remarkable results. We are not limited to our resources, but we do our best with what we have and we never stop.

Dream Big & Never Give Up

We believe in the power of thinking big. Our success didn't come from luck. Joomag has been offering free services during its first 3 years of operation without any revenue. And now look at us. Achieving the best outcome requires the courage to stand up your beliefs.

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