Senior Data Engineer

Deadline: 22 September 2019

Employment term: Permanent

Category: Software development

Job type: Full time

Location: Yerevan

Job description:

DISQO is for constant advances in technology to create an exciting new world for those who understand the value of data. You, as a data engineer, will be involved in the design and development of cost-efficient and reliable, fault tolerant pipelines for data ingestion and retrieval, as well as in design, implementation, and maintenance of data lake and data warehouse. You are to join the team to support the existing processes that grow rapidly and cooperate with the data science team to build the right solutions for them. You are to be collaborative and be a strong team member keeping the team success first in line and be a self-starter with the willingness to take the supervisor’s responsibility when the latter is missing. 

Job responsibilities

  • Writing Spark applications using Scala

  • Scripting and writing Airflow DAGs with Python

  • Interacting with Redshift (Spectrum) and Athena using SQL, Postgres or MySQL

  • Building ETL jobs in SQL

  • Leveraging AWS services to build modern cloud based data solutions

Required qualifications

  • Experience with Scala,  either experience with Java to switch to Scala later

  • Experience with Python or Java

  • Experience with Spark

  • Experience with various data formats (any of: Parquet, Avro, ORC, ProtoBuf)

  • Experience with Hadoop and AWS data ecosystem (any of: Redshift, EMR, Glue/Hive, Athena/Presto, Zeppelin, etc.)

  • Experience with ETL/ELT tools and concepts, data modeling, SQL, query performance optimization

  • Experience with building stream processing applications using Kinesis or Kafka

  • AWS certification is a plus

  • DevOps experience is a plus

  • Ability to work with remote team

  • Advanced written and verbal English communication skills

Required candidate level: Senior

Salary: Competitive

Professional skills


Spark Java

Soft skills


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Address: 16 Halabyan St., Yerevan

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