Illustrator CC 2018 MasterClass

Price:12 USD

Date: On request

Type: e-learning

Category: UI/UX/Graphic Design

Language: English

City: Online

Training Description:

Adobe Illustrator is the smartest & most creative design application you can try.

As you can start from scratch inside Illustrator cc and design Logos, Branding designs , Posters, infographics, illustrations, Typography, Printing & Screen designs including Web design and much more plus it's so precise & neat.

You will really understand Illustrator & your Creativity will be increased by the end of this course :

Through 9 Modules covering all the Illustrator cc aspects along side with downloadable Artistic exercises you will be Mastering the Illustrator cc in a very Artistic & Creative way along with the Technical sidejust like a creative professional.

How To Build Your Illustrator Muscles Through this Course :

In these Modules you will be Advancing gradually Through

- Illustrator Fundamentals & Main concepts 

( For absolute beginners to illustrator although it has so details that even many advanced level users don't know i promise)

- Illustrator Effects, Different Graphic Styles & Visuals

- Mastering Illustrator Drawing tools & Techniques including complex illustration technique

- Learn About different illustrator Brushes & create your own custom brushes

- Learn Typography Anatomy & rules then master how to control it in illustrator to create your Typography Artwork

- How to Design With Images in Illustrator & how to Trace them into Vector Art work

- An entire module on how to export from adobe illustrator different formats & how to prepare your design for printing or screen application

- Special Module on Advanced illustrator Techniques, tips & tricks to become the expert in Adobe illustrator cc

Very Practical & Engaging Course:

At the End of Each Module there is One big Exercise covering the Module's skills and main concepts along with it's Downloadable exercise Illustrator file (Ai) including the final result as well in a separate layer so you can check any specific step and you can use this Artistic design later after tweaking it a bit to add your Creative signature in your Portfolio to either enhance or build your Portfolio.

Also some lectures have their own dedicated exercises to make sure you are sharpening those tricky illustrator skills.

The Instructor is What Makes the course so special, Right ?

Khalil Ibrahim is a Chief designer who promoted to that title after working in many International advertising agencies with experience over 15 years in design field and using adobe illustrator. Beside traveling around the world learning about different Design Schools, Trends & Art Directions. and who really cared to not only make sure you understand the Illustrator's tools, technicals & concepts but Also to really learn it in a creative way and to use it Artistically like a Creative professional.

Enroll Now and let's Master Adobe Illustrator Together !

Who is eligible:

Who is the target audience?

  • Want to Master Adobe illustrator from scratch in Artistic & Creative way
  • Have already some illustrator knowledge & want to Advance your experience
  • interested in Design or Art
  • Want to do your own business designs
  • Interested in creating illustrations & vector arts to express creativity

Additional information

What Will I Learn?

  • Master the Different drawing & illustrations tools & techniques
  • Learn about creating different graphic styles & Art directions in illustrator

  • Learn about colors & how to control them from different illustrator panels

  • Learn to speed up your workflow & speed up Illustrator performance as well
  • Master different illustrator Brushes & create your own brushes
  • Master Typography after learning it's anatomy & theories
  • Know the details of Glyphs, Stylistic Sets, Variable fonts
  • Know the Latest design trends & Art directions through this creative illustrator journey
  • Design with images & learn how to vectorize & enhance them
  • Learn the sneaky & tricky settings & options of illustrator to use it like a third hand
  • Learn How to export different formats and prepare your Artwork for printing or screen use
  • Designing Confidently with illustrator after Practicing on downloadable illustrator exercises & videos
  • you will be able to use the drawing knowledge to draw logos, characters, infographics..etc


  • Adobe illustrator ( recent version is preferable )
  • No Previous experience needed


Khalil Ibrahim

Chief Designer & Wordpress Expert

Khalil Ibrahim Studied Arts, Advertising & Graphic design in Faculty of Applied Arts Helwan University.

Got promoted to be a Chief designer in International Advertising Agencies in many countries like DDB, TBWA & Sahara Petroleum Services.

Then switched to freelancing while working in Aviation field to pursuit his passion for Flying & to travel the world (check instagram for interesting photos ) while learning about different Art directions, Trends & design schools. Also getting a great experience from seeing different cultures.

Currently running Design Academy & Helping people around the world in more than 168 country to learn Design & Art easily in a creative way. Hoping to take a part in changing people’s lives and also enjoying teaching people around the world Creating Artwork & Spreading Beauty !


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