The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint

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Training Description:

Stop spending money on Facebook Ads that are not working!

Are you running Facebook Ads spending time, money and energy creating all your campaigns with not results?

It's a proven fact that having a Facebook Sales Funnel can immediately increase your conversion rates, creating an irresistible desire in your customer’s mind, so they will Want and Need to buy your products and services.

But, what's a Facebook Sales Funnel and how do you create one for your business?

How can you create that irresistible desire for your product in your customer’s mind?

How can you optimize your Facebook Ads to skyrocket your results and save money?

What are the things you need to do and the things you need to avoid?

Not having a Facebook Sales Funnel will cause you to lose money, lose potential clients and to spend time with no result.

A good Facebook Sales Funnel will give you outstanding results, increasing your sales, increasing the number of customers and your relationship with them, increasing the Likes on your page, views on your videos, names and emails on your autoresponder sequence and inspiring your followers to take action and buy your products or services. And after we set it up, all will work automatically.

Welcome to the most complete and efficient Facebook Sales Funnel training in Udemy.

In this course, you will learn how to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people on Facebook and how to convert them into clients.

We’ll create an irresistible Lead Magnet (or Free Gift), so people will visit your landing pages and enter their name and email.

We'll define your target audience to ensure that your Ads are shown only to people who are interested in your products or your business and avoiding spending money with Ads that do not work.

And you will learn how to create an Optimized Email sequence, which creates a trustful relationship with your customers and generate an irresistible desire in your client's mind, so when we send them to your sales page, they open their wallet and buy your products.

You will also learn how to create professional Landing Pages for your website and Landing Pages inside Facebook, so they don’t need to leave your Facebook Page to collect their name and email.  And all this with a Free Software.

How to create Facebook Pages and Groups for your business or personal use, and how to monetize them selling your products, services, and ideas to all your followers.

How to use the Facebook Pixel and Retargeting in your Ads. Retargeting is one of the most efficient digital marketing tools used by large corporations like Netflix, Amazon, and Google.

And if you don’t have a website for your business, don’t worry, you will also learn how to create one step by step.

And as a Bonus, I´ll share with you the 7 Secrets that will boost your Facebook Organic Reach,strategies that you can implement right now on your Facebook Pages.

Remember that is not enough just to watch all the videos and lectures, the real results come when you TAKE ACTION, that’s why in this course you will find 12 assignments, one at the end of each module. Each assignment was designed to help you apply all the strategies you learn in each module, so the amazing results you want are almost guaranteed!

I'm sure you'll love the course, and by the end you will have the Complete Facebook Sales Funnel implemented, generating sales and bringing customers and followers to your business every day.


With all this guarantee you have nothing to lose, Enroll now and let's start using all the power of Facebook to generate more sales, attract more followers and grow exponentially your online presence right now!

Who is eligible:


  • No prior knowledge is required, this is a complete course that goes from the basics up to the advanced Facebook options.
  • We'll work with MailerLite FREE Autoresponder service, Hostgator for your business website (you can use any other service) and Landing Page Monkey to create captivating Video Landing Pages. Don't worry about that now, You will learn all step by step during the course.

Who is the target audience?

  • If Your are creating Facebook Ads and your Ads are Not Working, This Course is for You!
  • If you want to Generate Automatic Sales Funnel using all the power of Facebook, This course Is for You!
  • If you are a Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, This Course Is for You!
  • If Your are Trying to Create a Presence on Facebook but Your Current Strategies Are Not Working, This Course is for You!
  • If You Have an Online Business, or Local Business, This Course Is for You!
  • If You Want to Create a Community of Raving Fans, This Course Is for You!
  • If you are asking yourself: How can I use Facebook to always find new clients? How can I reach thousand of people every day? How do I create super optimized Facebook Pages Groups for my Business? And How can I Monetize the groups so that I can offer your products and services to my community? How can I optimize my Facebook Ads skyrocket my results and save money? This course is for you!
  • This Course Is for Anyone That Wants to DOMINATE Facebook Marketing using the most advance techniques.

Additional information

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Topics Covered In This Course:


  • 1. Welcome to the Course

  • 2. Here Is How You Will Profit From This Course

What do You need to Start?

  • 3. Which Tools do we need?5

  • 4. Creating your First Facebook Landing Page - Quick version

Creating an Irresistible Lead Magnet

  • 5. Module Intro

  • 6. What's the Perfect Lead Magnet?

  • 7. Creating a Free PDF Report

  • 8. Why Video is one of the Best Lead Magnets

  • 9. Equipment to Record your Video Lead Magnet

  • 10. Hosting your Video Lead Magnet

  • 11. Other Powerful Lead Magnet Ideas

  • 1:Creating your Lead Magnet

Autoresponders - The Most Valuable Asset of your Facebook Funnel

  • 12. Module Intro

  • 13. What is an Autoresponder service and why its important for you?

  • 14. Signing for a FREE Account on MailerLite

  • 15. Quick look at the MailerLite Dashboard

  • 2:Signing for the Free Autoresponder Service

Building a Super Optimized Landing Page

  • 16. Module Intro

  • 17. Whats a Landing Page and Why This Is Important for You?

  • 18. Landing Page Software Options

  • 19. Creating your Optimized Landing Page

  • 20. Customizing the Landing Page

  • 21. Creating Thank You Page for Video content

  • 22. Testing your Thank you Page for Video

  • 23. Creating Thank You Page for PDF or ebook

  • 24. Checking the Landing Page Stats

  • 3:Creating Your Landing Page

Driving Traffic from Facebook to Your Landing Page

  • 25. Adding the Sign up Button to Your Facebook Page

  • 26. Creating a Landing Page Inside Facebook

  • 4:Creating your Landing Page Inside Facebook

Making your Customers LOVE your Products/Services

  • 27. Module Intro

  • 28. What's an Autoresponder Sequence and Why It's Important for You?

  • 29. This is the Plan for your Email Sequence

  • 30. Creating the Complete Email Sequence Automation

  • 31. Creating an Irresistible Welcome Email

  • 32. Delivering Value - Driving people to your website

  • 33. Launch! Enabling your Email Sequence

  • 34. What Happens if they didn't buy?

  • 5:Create an Autoresponder Sequence

Your Automatic Facebook Sales Funnel

  • 35. Removing the Doubt and Making the Sale!

  • 36. Turning Your Facebook Sales Funnel Into Automatic

  • 37. Getting Free Traffic From Other Channels

Creating a VIDEO Landing Page

  • 38. Module Intro

  • 39. MailerLite Login and Overview

  • 40. Signing for Landing Page Monkey

  • 41. Creating your Landing Page - Part 1

  • 42. Creating your Landing Page - Part 2

  • 43. Creating your Landing Page - Part 3

  • 44. Adding Your Landing Page to Facebook

  • 6:Creating your VIDEO Landing Page

Facebook Page Domination!

  • 45. Module Intro

  • 46. Creating a Stunning Facebook Page for Your Business

  • 47. Discovering the Best Keywords for your Business

  • 48. Creating a Captivating Facebook Page Description Using the Absolute Best Keyword

  • 49. Optimizing your Facebook Page Information

  • 50. Creating Professional Facebook Cover Image for Your Pages

  • 51. Facebook Page Apps, How to Install and Optimize Apps on Your Facebook Page

  • 52. How to Use Facebook's Call-To-Action Button to Skyrocket Your Results

  • 7:Create and Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook Group Domination!

  • 53. Module Intro

  • 54. Whats the Difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups

  • 55. Creating a Super Optimized Facebook Group

  • 56. Editing Groups Settings

  • 57. Top 6 Ways to Monetize your Facebook Groups

  • 8:Create and Optimize your Facebook Group

Facebook Ads: Defining your Target Audience

  • 58. Module Intro

  • 59. Knowing the Facebook Ads Manager

  • 60. Setting up Payment for Facebook Ads

  • 61. Defining your Target Audience

  • 62. Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to Create your Audience

  • 9:Defining your Target Audience

Facebook Ads: Creating your First Facebook Ad

  • 63. Module Intro

  • 64. Creating the Ad Post

  • 65. Verifying your Ad Approval

  • 66. How much to Invest?

  • 67. Tips to have your Ad approved by Facebook

  • 10:Creating Your First Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads: Choosing your Ad Goals

  • 68. Module Intro

  • 69. Choosing your Marketing Objective

Facebook Ads: Retargeting - The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

  • 70. Module Intro

  • 71. Understanding the Facebook Pixel

  • 72. Creating a Facebook Pixel

  • 73. Installing the Facebook Pixel on your Website

  • 74. Checking if the Pixel is working, using Google Chrome

  • 75. Creating a Target Audience for your Facebook Pixel

  • 76. Creating your first Super Optimized Ad using Facebook Pixel

  • 11:Using Retargeting in your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: Facebook Video Ads

  • 77. Creating a Powerful Facebook Video Ad

7 Secrets that’ll Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach!

  • 78. Secret #1

  • 79. Secret #2

  • 80. Secret #3

  • 81. Secret #4

  • 82. Secret #5

  • 83. Secret #6

  • 84. Secret #7

  • 85. Bonus Secret #8

Creating a Website for your Business

  • 86. Module Intro

  • 87. Finding the Best Domain for your Website

  • 88. Purchasing your Domain

  • 89. Signing for WebHosting for $0.01

  • 90. Pointing your Domain to the Hosting

  • 91. Installing Wordpress Using Hostgator

  • 92. Changing Settings in Wordpress

  • 93. Download the Theme Files Here

  • 94. Installing our Theme

  • 95. Customizing our Theme

  • 96. Creating a Contact Us Page

  • 12:Creating a Website for your Business

Facebook Tips & Tricks

  • 97. Module Intro

  • 98. Facebook Ads Genius: How to Reach 8000+ People with a $3 Ad!

  • 99. How to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook

  • 100. How to Reach All your Followers on Facebook

  • 101. How to Download All Your Facebook Data to Your Computer (with 1 Click!)

  • 102. Using Facebook Videos in your Website

  • 103. How to Download any video from Facebook

  • 104. Getting Unlimited Royalty Free Images to Use on Facebook (Ads, post, etc)

  • 105. How to Create Infographics to use as a Lead Magnet


  • 106. Congratulations!

  • 107. Your Next Steps (IMPORTANT!)

  • 108. Coupon Codes to All my Top Seller Courses!!


Diego Davila

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator



Hi, I'm Diego. I'm a Network Engineer and I'm passionate Udemy Instructor.



My Mission is to inspire you to revolutionize your life so you can live the life you desire! Doing what you absolutely love every day around people you love and care.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

Some facts about Diego Davila in Udemy:

· 28 highly rated premium courses

· 58,000+ amazing students enrolled

· 5,500+ positive reviews and counting

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look on my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.

Enroll now and start changing your life! see you inside! :)

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