UX Design


Date: On request

Type: e-learning

Category: Web/Graphic design

Language: English

City: Online

Training Description:

Learn divergent ideation methods to bring creativity to problem-solving, whether you are called upon for a simple redesign or a major change in a digital offering. Use convergent ideation methods to anchor a new concept within your business context, seeking win-win innovation for all parties involved, within the project team, across the organisation including external end-users.

Thinking through innovation helps position even the smallest change into a long-term perspective. No wonder Design Thinking is a highly valued method.

Who is eligible:

No previous knowledge needed. 

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What you'll learn

  • User-Centred Design Approach (UCD),
  • Integration of UX Research in the UX Design Process,
  • Incremental, Radical and Disruptive Innovation,
  • Design Thinking Theory and Practice,
  • Divergent and Convergent Ideation Methods,
  • Ideation Results Analysis.


Annemarie Lesage

Full-time Faculty Lecturer, IT Department

HEC Montréal

Constantinos K. Coursaris

Associate Professor, IT Department

HEC Montréal

Professional skills

Graphic Design

Design Concepts


Soft skills

Artistic skills

Design skills



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