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Крайний срок: 30 Март 2023

Условия контракта: Постоянный

Категория: Финансовый менеджмент

Тип вакансии: Полная ставка

Местонахождение: Ереван

Описание работы

Are you looking for a job that will contribute to empower Armenians to systematically improve their lives and wellbeing, provide opportunities for private enterprises to enhance competitiveness, ensure greater efficiency and good governance in public institutions, and enable the development and widespread use of personalized IT solutions built around the needs of everyday citizens? Then we have an exceptional opportunity for you!

We are now creating a strong team for The Information Systems Agency of Armenia (ISAA). The concept of electronic identity in Armenia can strengthen and support the country in many ways. For this purpose, we are looking for a CFO.

We are growing and challenging ourselves to innovate and we are seeking collaborators to co-create. Join us, and help build the next impactful solution for our country and citizens.

As a CFO, you work directly with the CEO and act as a strategic business advisor to design and oversee ISAA’s financial strategy. You will be in charge of managing and overseeing the financial activities of the agency, directing the preparation of financial reports and summaries, developing forecasts and financial planning of the agency to ensure its strategic objectives, etc.


  • Manage the Agency’s financial planning, including budget preparation and review with application of best available practices;
  • Work with the CEO, CIOs and other executives to synchronize financial planning with strategic and operational objectives and targets;
  • Determine financial KPIs of the Agency and lead monitoring of financial performance;
  • Organize and lead analytical work to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of operations and identify areas of improvements;
  • Direct the preparation of financial statements and reporting;
  • Identify and address financial risks of ISAA;
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance with laws;
  • Build capacities and systems for financial forecasting and oversee its sound operation to ensure mid- and long-term financial health of the agency;
  • Ensure a strong return on investment (ROI) for ISAA;
  • Use predictive analytics as an enabler to forecast future performance and perform stress testing on business lines.
  • Identify opportunities for agency’s expansion;
  • Oversee investment of funds;
  • Manage the relationship with independent auditors;
  • Lead effective communication to engage stakeholders for matters arising from risk, controls and compliance;
  • Keep the communication open with potential investors;
  • Supervise finance personnel and oversee finance IT systems.


  • 10+ of proven experience in the field of financial management; (CFO, finance officer or any other relevant role);
  • Master's degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance;
  • ACCA, CFA, or other international certifications are an advantage;
  • Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting methods;
  • In-depth knowledge of risk management practices;
  • Strong knowledge of legal and regulatory environment;
  • Strong, supervisory and management skills;
  • Strong leadership and conflict management skills;
  • Relevant IT competencies.

Требуемый уровень кандидата: Уровень С

Дополнительная информация


To apply for the position the applicants must send their CV to the mail address info@818.consulting. Applicants complying with most of the requirements will have an advantage during the selection process.

About the Employer:

Open and quality data is a critical asset, translating into national wealth! Developing an advanced and secure environment, enablers, and infrastructure is a necessary precondition for transforming Armenia into an e-society and e-economy. The Information Systems Agency of Armenia (“ISAA”) is responsible for ensuring the technological foundations and development of the digital state in RA.


The world is currently undergoing a fundamental digital transformation, whereby all aspects of our lives are currently data points. Therefore, the main challenge for governments globally is capitalizing on the opportunities created by this vast amount of data, for example in personalized finance or medicine, without jeopardizing personal or national security. The Government of Armenia is firmly committed to embracing the digital agenda by creating the necessary institutional architecture to catalyze building a secure and thriving digital society and economy. Doing so requires the private, especially financial, sector to play a leading role in this process, and the current overemphasis
on e-government alone needs to change. Therefore, our mission is to build the necessary infrastructure and enablers for this digital society and economy, intended for shared use both by the private sector and the Government, with the explicit goal of improving the day-to-day life of Armenian people and businesses.

It is the Government’s perspective that taking on this digitalization endeavor is not a luxury, but a necessity. Recent diagnostics by various international institutions and independent experts have found that further ad-hoc digitalization in Armenia, if taking place without the digitalization in Armenia, if taking place without the mentioned enablers and institutional architecture (e.g. digital identity, cybersecurity, data interoperability and governing standards), represents a serious threat to national security.


Open and quality data is a critical asset, translating into national wealth! Developing an advanced and secure environment, enablers, and infrastructure is a necessary precondition for transforming Armenia into the e-Society and e-Economy. The key mission of the digital society and economy would be to empower the population to continuously improve their lives and wellbeing, provide opportunities for the private sector to enhance competitiveness, and ensure greater efficiency and good governance of public institutions through the development and widespread use of ICT solutions built around citizen experience and lifecycle. These imply Seamless, Proactive, Convenient and Personalized Services.

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