Meet Compass

Your ultimate analytics suite from, that provides valuable insights into the labor market.


Market Pulse

Market Pulse delivers up-to-date, accurate, and relevant data on labor market dynamics to help businesses stay competitive and successful.

Pay Sense

Accurate information on average salaries, which helps businesses make informed decisions about setting pay levels, attracting and retaining top talent, and staying competitive in the labor market.

Industry Snapshot

Industry Snapshot delivers a comprehensive report that provides a detailed analysis of the current state of a specific industry, including key trends, salaries, and opportunities.

Other services by Compass

Employer brand audit

An employer brand audit helps you assess how your brand is perceived in the market, its position, and the likelihood of its target audience applying for positions and joining the organization.

Market Salary Survey

Compass specializes in offering market salary survey services to companies aiming to evaluate and compare competitor salaries. Our approach recognizes the uniqueness of each salary survey request and project.

Need more info to make a decision?

Just book a call with us, and we will guide you through the capabilities Compass service provides.


Who is the Compass ideal for?

Compass is a powerful source of information that can help with business decision-making to company's different departments including Human Resources, Planning, Finance, Commercial, etc. Compass provides a bird's eye view over the labor market and therefore the information obtained can be valuable across numerous domains.

What data does use for Compass?

We use generated data from our platform and other sources. Our aim is to provide as much context and depth as possible, so we constantly look for more sources of reliable data.

Can I purchase an annual subscription or be offered additional analytics-related services?

Yes, you can purchase a 12-month annual subscription plan. Moreover, you will get a 10% off your standard package. Also, we can help you with salary bench-marking, employer brand visibility analysis, various surveys and more. Please feel free to reach out to us and discuss your next great project.

Can I see an example report before deciding to use your analytics service?

Absolutely! To help you get a better understanding of the insights and capabilities our service offers, we provide a downloadable example report here.


Compass Subscription

֏ 99.000 /month
  • Market pulse
  • Industry snapshot
  • Paysense report for 5 positions
Per Project

Employer Brand Audit

֏ 499.900 /starting from
  • Existing channel audit
  • Market benchmark
  • Competitor analysis
Per Project

Salary Survey

֏ 999.900 /starting from
  • Base salary and bonuses
  • Pay level benchmarking
  • High accuracy and market relevance

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Read what our customers share about Compass

Compass has been a highly anticipated service that has greatly assisted us, particularly during the pay review process. We have been utilizing Compass for a month now, and it has provided us with invaluable context, not only regarding salaries but also for gaining a better understanding of the IT landscape.

Hasmik A.

People Ops

We have recently begun utilizing Compass's Salary Survey product. has offered the best value in the market, and we are confident that we will receive relevant data, unlike the reports usually provided by international companies.

Gohar K.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Prior to using Compass, we relied heavily on guesswork, reaching out to friends and our network for salary information, resulting in an inaccurate market perception. With Compass, we now have access to a comprehensive report that we can confidently rely on, enabling us to make informed decisions, which is particularly crucial in the banking sector.

Ani Y.

HR Manager

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