Risk Management of Work Related Injuries using RAMP

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Training Description:

In this Professional Certificate program, learners will become proficient in managing and improving the work environment with regard to preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) gained from manual work.

You will learn how to perform systematic risk management from identification and assessment of risks, to the development of solutions and action plans, with the use of RAMP. RAMP is a newly launched tool for the assessment and handling of MSD risks in manual handling jobs. RAMP stands for Risk Assessment and Management tool for manual handling Proactively. The RAMP tool is unique in its high usability, developed and evaluated scientifically, in close collaboration between industry and researchers from KTH.

Utilizing the RAMP tool in a proficient way leads to positive effects for individuals as well as for organisations and the society. Reducing individuals’ musculoskeletal injuries or muscle pain at the work place, does not only benefit the work staff but is a cost benefit for companies as well as for society at large.

This Professional Certificate program offers hands-on training on how to use the RAMP tool for systematic risk management of MSDs in manual handling jobs. The Program comprises of three courses that each will take 15-25 hours of work to complete. With completion of all three courses learners will receive a proficiency proof in the RAMP tool in the form of a Professional Certificate.

Job Outlook

  • This Professional Certificate will increase your career and job outlook within consultancy work in ergonomics, production planning, or health promotion work/HR within companies interested to reduce costs and ensure a sustainable work environment.
  • Relevant to those working in hands-on injury risk management for engineers or production managers with staff responsibility.
  • Career prospects include Ergonomist, Production Manager/Engineer, Change Manager, Human Factors Specialist/Engineer, Ergonomics and Human Factors, Educationalist in Ergonomics/Human Factors and risk assessment and risk management.

Who is eligible:

Real Career Impact

Scania Logo

"We at Scania CV AB consider good ergonomics and a good work environment as a crucial production factor. Opportunities for our employees to make a good job are decisive for productivity, quality and safety. One way of creating better organizational performance is to identify improvement opportunities. The work with improving our processes and our work environment has the highest priority in our organization. For this, we use standardized methods that we have introduced globally. For assessment of ergonomic conditions at machining and logistics we have chosen to use the RAMP method, and therefore recommend this Professional Certificate Program."

— Mikael Welinder , Head of Safety & Health, Scania

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"Our mission is to support and inspire organisations to work for sustainable work environments. We call this the blue level, where people and systems feel and perform better, live longer and have more energy. One recurring need of our clients is to improve the physical environment and thereby reduce the ergonomic risks and their negative consequences. RAMP is a useful tool in our work detecting and reducing these risks. It also provides digital tools to visualize and communicate results and action plans to the companies we support. The RAMP MOOC’s and the Professional Certificate is an asset for both our staff and for our customer companies."

— Claudia Noueched , Unit Manager/process leader ergonom, Avonova

What You'll Learn:

  • How to apply RAMP systematically, and with proficiency perform risk management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in manual handling jobs
  • Perform MSD risk assessments
  • Develop risk reducing measures
  • Develop and communicate action plans for how to systematically improve the work environment


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Linda Rose

Associate ProfessorKTH Royal Institute of Technology


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