The Complete Angular, React Node Guide | Airbnb Style App

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Up-to-date course that listens to it's students. More on-demand features are integrated to this course regularly.

If you are planning to start your career as a developer or you just want to improve your programming skills, then this course is right for you.Get all you need to start web development in one course! and many related technologies of Web Development to more advanced topics until our application will be deployed to Heroku and accessible online on the internet.

This resource is the only thing you need in order to start Web Development with Angular, React and Node and during this course you will get confidence and skills required to start your own projects, you will get the right mindset to apply for a developer career and to improve in modern frameworks like Angular, React and Node,

We will start very easily in Angular and React, in which we will create a layout of our application. I will explain to you how to create basic components, services and reusable code. I will also talk about routing in SPA (single page application).

Furthermore, we will work on a detail page of a rental property in which we will work with 3rd party Google Map API and we will display the location of a rental property on a map.

Later in this course, we will take a look on authentication with JWT (json web tokens) on the client/server side.

Next, we will work on a core application functionality to book rental property for certain numbers of nights. We will integrate interesting features to our application, calendar for choosing dates of stay, modal window to confirm bookings and toast messages in order to enhance interactivity of the application and we will go more into advanced concepts of Angular, React and Node.

After the booking section we will take a look on search and create rental functionality. We will search for rentals by city. We will learn how to integrate new features to the working code.

Our last section will be a manage section where we will work on functionality to display user bookings and rentals, availability to list  and remove them.

During this course we will be switching from our frontend application to our backend Node.js application. This Node application will be responsible for handling and storing our business data in MongoDB.


------------- Brief Curriculum - Listed Important Features You Will Learn -------------

  • [JS, ES6] - Intro To ES6 (Classes, Variables, Callbacks, Arrow Functions, Inheritance, Async, Promises, Observables) 

  • [Angular] - Intro To Angular (Components, Services, Modules, Routing, Bootstrap, Life Cycle Functions, Passing Data, Links, Types, Observables)

  • [Node] - Intro to Node (Express Framework, Server Creation, Postman, MongoDB, Routing, Handle Errors)

  • [Angular] - Rental Map (Proxy, Cors, Pipe, Font Awesome, Map Component, 3rd Party Service, Geolocation, Google Maps API, Caching)

  • [Node] - Authentication (JWT, Encryption, Middleware)

  • [Angular] - Authentication (Reactive Forms, Template Forms, Validation, JWT, Guards, Interceptor)

  • [Node] - Bookings (Book a rental property, Server Validation)

  • [Angular] - Bookings (Date Range Picker, Book a rental property, Modals, Toast Messages)

  • [Angular + Node] - Search, Create Rental

  • [Angular + Node] - Manage Section 

  • [Angular] - Deployment (Heroku, Production Server Setup)

  • [React] - Intro To React (Components, JSX, Redux, State, Props, Bootstrap, Life Cycle Functions, Link To, Render)

  • [Node] - Intro to Node (Same as Section 3.)

  • [React] - Rental Map (Proxy, Cors, HOC, Composition, Font Awesome, Map Component, 3rd Party Service, Google Maps API, Caching, Geolocation)

  • [Node] - Authentication (Same as section 5.)

  • [React] - Authentication (Redux Forms, Validation, JWT, Protected Guards, Axios Interceptor)

  • [Node] - Bookings (Same as section 7.)

  • [React] - Bookings (Date Range Picker, Book a rental property, Modals, Toast Messages)

  • [React + Node] - Search, Create Rental

  • [React + Node] - Manage Section 

  • [React] - Deployment (Heroku, Production Server Setup)

  • [Angular] - Update Feature (Editable Components, Reusability, Inheritance, Subject )


Ով կարող է մասնակցել:

  • People that want to apply for a Job as Junior Developers.
  • Everyone who wants to learn or improve in React, Angular and Node (more technologies included) on real life application.
  • Everyone who wants to improve in Web Development

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Really he knows what features we want also his performance in Q & A section was so fast. I was shocked. his teaching style is like a real. I highly recommend to the new user who wants to learn all the combination such as react node and angular. also, one more thing he tries to give the response out of this framework such as if you get stuck in javascript, react native and so on. you won't be regret after purchasing his course. I guaranteed 100%.

Awesome!! Helpful for folks, those having basic understanding of angular & react. Kudos to Author for making a such great course :)

Very good and interesting course, I as a beginner I did not have any problem to start programming without problems! a man jumps into it, and it is a fascinating and seductive beautifully illustrated. I'm still in the middle yet, but I can not wait for another lesson! For me nicely done! keep up with good work :)

Get all you need to start web development in one course.

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About the Instructor

Filip Jerga

Software Engineer

My name is Filip Jerga. I am a software engineer currently working as a freelance developer. I have a master degree from the Artificial Intelligence and through the years I experienced working on different projects and technologies from developing a software for Ultrasound device in C++  to making mobile applications in modern frameworks like React and Angular.

During my carrier I gathered enough experience to share with more broad audience. I am putting lot of detail and effort to explain problems and programming topics in most simple and understandable way.


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