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Danish students interning in Armenia

Within the framework of staff.am “Internship programs in Armenia” project we have covered the success story of internship at the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia. Through coverage of various success stories of interns in private sector we reveal in what aspects and professional fields such kind of programs are conducted. Once the program is finished, do the interns continue in the same direction or start something completely different.

This time the story is unique, because this is the  first time, that government organization, in this case  the Civil Aviation Committee of RA has launched 5 month internship program and invited students from Denmark. The internship program is unpaid and supported financially by the Danish Government.

To read the article in Armenian, you can click here.

It was a great pleasure to host Nicolas and Niels at staff.am office and have an inspiring talk about their successes in Armenia. Nicolas and Niels are studying for a Master’s degree in Risk Management at the Copenhagen University. They have heard about internship program from one of their lecturers doing PhD at the University.

“It wasn’t actually planned. We just heard about this opportunity for the first time, we had no idea about the Civil Aviation Committee in Armenia, with whom we are going to work, what it is like to be part of Armenian government. We just knew that the Committee is located near Airport. Everything was clear, we can’t miss this opportunity. Being here in Armenia is a huge and far-reaching step for us”,- told Nicolai  enthusiastically.

“My educational background is technical. I have studied at the Technical University of Denmark, anyway my choice of education is risk management in security sphere. Communicating with people is also of my interest. All these interests brought me here. I am so excited with this awesome opportunity”,- added Niels.


A lot of reforms  and changes are being implemented at the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia. And upon the advice of Committee Chair Tatevik Revazyan Niels and Nicolai are quite engaged in such activities. Particularly, they conduct research on  regulations of safety issues in different countries and try to adopt best practices in Armenia.

“The work is tremendous to get through. There are hundreds of pages of documents to research, reveal the best practices and adopt them in Armenia”, – added Niels.

Nicolai also told,- “As I have practical experience in fire safety in my homeland, here in Armenia we take care for the fire safety of staff, passengers, Committee building and Navigation tower as well”.

What to  tell tourists first visiting Armenia? The answers from our guests where the same: they like our country, our food, our friendly people. By the way, Nicolai is learning Armenian and we were very impressed to hear Armenian words “ha”, “che”, “lav” during our interview 🙂

“Challenges primarily refer to linguistic barriers causing difficulties with communication. Also due to the support of our colleagues we live at the city center close to the sightseeing places. One of the advantages of being in Armenia is an easy navigation, as most of the websites are in English”, – told Nicolai and Niels.


“Compared to Denmark, the culture and lifestyle differs here, people are more friendly and hospitable. Armenians are also helpful, which you can see every time just going outside and walking at the streets of Yerevan. By the way, the traffic is awful here ” :),- added our guests.


It is impressive to have such kind of internship programs for international students, who can use their professional potential to propel the development of various companies. Danish interns are going to implement their gained practice either in Denmark or abroad. Anyway, one thing is certain, there is a big interest towards working in aviation sphere.

staff.am “Internship programs in Armenia” project is continuous and is aimed at covering internship success stories of both public and private sector companies and organizations.



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