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SDC is a fast growing company that provides tremendous opportunities to work on cutting edge projects. Remote-first approach gives you the perfect work-life balance while diverse teammates will help you to grow not only in the area of your expertise but also enhance your general knowledge of the modern tech stack! SDC provides solutions in the area of distributed systems development, visualization, data pipelines, data analytics and machine learning. 

Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2019

Number of Employees: up to 50

Location: 2/5 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia


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Team Member Benefits Sheet

The Software Development Company (further SDC) equally highly values the comfort of its customers and its team members.

SDC ensures the comfort of its team members by focusing on providing benefits in four dimensions:

  • General Benefits;
  • Complimentary Benefits;
  • Comfort measures in Projects;
  • Comfort measures in Project Teams.

General Benefits

  • Company Uniqueness;
    SDC is a rare combination of high-quality professionals working on world-class products. With us you have an opportunity to influence the quality of life of millions of people. We are not talking about creating bells and whistles or any other mediocre applications, your daily work is having a profound effect on the way of life in different countries. You will get a chance to work on projects that drill through 4 billion events per day or analyze hundreds of million data points with each request. 
  • Opportunity to create great things from the ground up;
    Unlike other companies working on Enterprise solutions, we regularly create unique products from scratch. Moreover, we encourage newcomers to participate in such projects and share their ideas.
  • Value-driven Management;
    Decades of working with hundreds of different professionals worldwide have allowed us to develop the most optimal managerial approach at The SDC.
    We have minimized the level of bureaucracy and designed the internal processes in such a way so you could have a clear understanding of whom to approach with your questions and get any support you need. Despite the company's clearly regulated policies, we adhere to the "zero bullshit" approach, which implies that the team's relations and atmosphere are always as important as the rules. Top management is always open for a discussion.
  • Highly Competitive Salary;
    We do not want our employees to be distracted by thinking about the salary, so we provide them with an adequate paycheck from the beginning.
  • Work 100% Remotely;
    Do you prefer to work remotely? Many of us too! 
  • Work and Travel;
    Work at SDC allows you to combine work and travel. You can travel as long as it doesn't negatively affect your work and all necessary security precautions have been taken to protect your work files. SDC operates in GMT + 4 time zone. 
  • Work from Office;
    Our office located at the “Synergy Business Center” building, in Yerevan, is open for you 24/7.
    The building houses snacks and drinks machines and a canteen.
  • Work-Life Balance;
    Most of our colleagues do various kinds of sports, and we adhere to a "stress-free" policy so you could enjoy your life without thinking about deadlines.

Complimentary Benefits

  • Paid day-offs;
    The company covers 8 paid day-offs (annual).
  • International conferences;
    The company covers up to $1000 of expenses in case any of our colleagues decide to become a speaker at any international conference.
    The company also helps colleagues to prepare their speech, presentation (design of UI and script), as well as speech training conduction.
  • Library;
    The company is ready to purchase the books that you find useful for your work. The access to the books will be shared with all company members.
  • Education;
    The company is ready to purchase any educational courses/subscriptions (online/offline/any) that you find useful for your professional development.
    Also, we have a company account on, so you have unlimited access to the top-notch educational material from Google, MIT, IBM and many others.
  • Remote work accessories;
    The company provides a work laptop together with accessories that might be required during remote work. 
  • Office work accessories;
    If you prefer to work in the office, an opportunity would be given to purchasing a work desk and a chair that you like.
  • Unlimited snacks at the office;
    The company provides unlimited snacks of all kinds, as well as unlimited soft drinks that could be found in the office refrigerator.
  • Individual approach per team member;
    You need something that is not on the list, but what is important for your comfort?
    We are always open to your requests.

Comfort in Projects

  • Project documentation;
    We thoroughly document every project, both in terms of technical and product aspects.
    The project's Team Lead compiles technical documentation.
    PRDs (Product Requirement Documents) are being compiled by the Product Managers and verified by the Head of Product Management.
    The level of accuracy of the initial requirements that reach the development team is 93-95%.
    We don't like surprises, so we are thoroughly working to avoid them.
  • Project management;
    We have highly efficient processes designed to ensure the project's success from concept to the shipping and release stages.
    Team Lead and QA Lead are verifying all the requirements before they are reaching the development team.
  • Latest technologies;
    We use the latest stable technologies in terms of languages, frameworks, libraries, and architectural approaches. 
  • No surprises. No rush;
    We try to avoid situations where our employees have to face painful deadlines. Since top management is deeply involved in every project, we strive with all our might to maintain a stress-free environment. By agreement with your manager, you can find the work pace that is most convenient for you and stick to it.

Comfort in Project Teams

  • Stress-free environment;
    We are careful in the selection of employees. It is very important for us that a candidate is suitable not only in terms of technical parameters but also in personal qualities. We avoid people who have problems with self-expression, ego, or star fever. Our teams' environment is always tension-free.
  • Senior-level teams;
    The vast majority of our colleagues have more than eight years of professional work experience. We will be happy to share our knowledge with you and learn something new from you.
  • Mentorship;
    Team Lead of the project, just like any other participant, can do your mentoring to accelerate your involvement in the project or improve your skills. This could be done by management directive or upon your request.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What about vacations and day-offs?
    A: Your day-offs should be confirmed with your TeamLead/DM (direct manager).
    The same is with your vacations. The confirmation process typically takes less than one business day. The company encourages the rest of its employees, therefore, every year, for the first vacation longer than 10 days, SDC provides you with a pleasant bonus payment.
  • Q: What about career growth?
    A: Usually, we find out about the career preferences of our colleagues during interviews. However, you can decide at any time to take a step forward and take on new forms of responsibility. In this case, the SDC's management will show you the possible roles that you could take. The management will also work with you to develop a roadmap for your development, including the practical skills needed to improve. Of course, the company will also supply you with all the necessary educational materials and courses.
  • Q: How can I share my feedback regarding any aspect of my work?
    A: You can share your feedback with the management directly, or within periodic One-On-One sessions conducted by our Project Managers.
  • Q: I can not find answers to my questions. What should I do?
    A: You’re a part of our Team. This means that you can ask us anything you want, and you’ll get all the necessary support in accordance with the nature of your questions. We do not limit you to technical questions only. Interested in our approaches? Business logic? Product decisions? Company structure? We’re here to answer you because we need you to grow with us.


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2/5 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia