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5th anniversary of BeeWeb

Recently we celebrated BeeWeb’s 5th anniversary. During these years, just like a bee, we worked diligently and tried to do our best to accomplish any challenge we faced. We always followed our mission: “You Dream, We Implement”.

We chose the concept of HighFive to emphasize one of our core values, our positive team spirit. We build deep and warm connections within the team and never forget to celebrate our victories together. We believe that the secret of a successful project is effective teamwork.

During the HighFive party, our founders told us about the past path of the company and all difficulties they had faced in the process of establishing it. The progress was obvious: now we have several times more team members, our projects have a bigger scope, the number of our clients has increased and we work in a creative and motivating environment. 

The BeeParty was really fantastic and memorable. It gave us extra motivation to work harder and harder to fulfill all our dreams. Follow us and you will soon hear about our new accomplishment.

Why to join our BeeTeam

If you want to work in a place where will be various benefits and you will have opportunities to grow as a specialist and an individual, if you want to be a member of a BeeTeam and have an interesting daily life, if you are an enthusiastic and ambitious person who has a strong will and eager to learn more and more, you are in a right place. Join our BeeTeam!

At work, we make a pleasant environment, which has an impact on the desire for successful coworker relationships, engagement, and a productive relationship. BeeWeb provides cutting-edge equipment and tools to ensure a comfortable working procedure. As many interesting projects as possible are involved, on which the employees will be happy to work.

Working in BeeWeb you will get these benefits:

  • Hybrid working process
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid day offs
  • Sport package
  • Օn-the-job training, Language course
  • Local and online training package
  • Flexible salary review and bouses
  • 2x salary
  • Staff referral program
  • Birthday present, Wedding, “Baby Born” bonus, Work anniversary bonus;
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Participation in trainings, team building activities, and corporate events
  • Career development, professional growth
  • Gamezone and fun activities
  • FREE coffee, tea, candy, etc.

Our Values

Our company values shape company culture and impact our business strategy. They help us create a purpose, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment in the workplace.
The values that correspond with our company culture are:

Collaborate and share your knowledge

One of our team's values is the willingness to share knowledge and experience. We organize a lot of brainstorming meetings and team-building activities to increase both team and personal growth. 

Communicate effectively for better results

We create a confident culture, where employees help and give clear feedback to each other.

Be curious and learn by doing

It's no secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. The important thing is not to stop questioning. And our employees not only ask questions but also actively seek out the answers.

Concentrate on delivery and drive results

We give priority to the deadlines of the projects and generate the desired result on the time.

Win through simplicity

It's very important to accept the challenges on the positive side. You can take new projects as the interesting challenges in return of make them difficult.

Spread optimism and be a team player

Have you ever been part of a highly motivated, high-morale team?

Join us. We love to work with optimistic team players, who able to build a positive team by helping them to be happy and engaged.


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34 Garegin Nzhdeh Street, Ереван, Армения