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About Duality:

Duality Group is a quantitative hedge fund that is as much a technology firm as it is finance.  We build our own in house software for us to model the market and trade off of these predictions.  Our founding partners are PhD Physicists and have in depth knowledge of the mathematics and technology behind what we are doing and have a proven track record of success.  We operate like a startup with a small team, lean environment and changing priorities.  The management structure is very flat and you'll be interacting with the trading team and the quant team daily.


The development team works on our services based tech stack running in docker containers on AWS,  where computations are run across thousands of cores against a sharded mongodb database.  The development team works hand in hand with the research team to put predictive models, optimization algorithms etc into production, making sure it all runs in minutes. Our software stack is async Python 3.7 (servers are running Aiohttp instances connecting to MongoDB through an async ORM) with some C++ that is being invoked from our python services.  We use Sentry for alerting and performance tracing as well as Prometheus / Grafana for monitoring and alerting. Our database is a sharded MongoDB cluster with several Terabytes of data.


Miami, Соединенные Штаты