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Ginosi Apartels & Hotels is an innovative apartel and hotel operator and hospitality technology company with locations in Europe and the United States.

We are building the future of hospitality using our own software and hardware to maximize efficiency for both us and our guests. Our technology allows truly unified hotel chain management at incredible efficiency. We use advanced algorithms to push the envelope and provide our guests and hotel staff with the best possible experience.

The very nature of the Ginosi Apartels & Hotels enterprise is built on the concept of diversity. As a global business we embrace diversity as an integral building-block in our growth and a part of our overall identity. We firmly believe that the distinct abilities, talents, experiences, perspectives and skillsets of all individuals of various cultures, racial/ethnic backgrounds, religions, economic strata, age, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity are vital to our success.

Today, Ginosi attracts a fairly mixed and elite workforce of vibrant and talented professionals. Working for Ginosi comes with a high level of job security with special perks, making us a competitive employer in the job market.

Join our team today by applying to one of the open positions below.

Индустрия: Туризм/Гостиничный бизнес/Развлечения
Тип компании: ОАО/ЗАО/ООО
Дата основания: 2010

Количество сотрудников: 500-1500

Местонахождение: 3 Karapet Ulnetsi Street, Ереван, Армения


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For those who don't know what "Apartel" means: 
Derived from two words, apartment and hotel, the apartel™ was trademarked by Ginosi in 2017 and is defined as a type of a accommodation where the rooms have the attributes of residential apartments while operating under hotel designation.

What is GINOSI?

Yes, we work hard and we party hard! 
We work and we enjoy participation! Let's enjoy together.  

In addition to collaborating with awesome and talented people you will also enjoy our benefits for sure!  

  • Sponsored Premium Health Insurance
  • Company assisted daily lunch, free breakfast, as well as coffee, tea, soft drinks
  • Social events and team buildings 
  • Ginosi sponsors its sports teams
  • New Year Bonus 
  • Business trips 
  • Career growth and development opportunitities

Stay tuned to our new openings. 

Привилегии для сотрудников

Медицинская страховка
Годовой бонус
Бесплатный чай, кофе и напитки
Тимбилдинг и корпоративные мероприятия
Бесплатная еда / Купоны


3 Karapet Ulnetsi Street, Ереван, Армения