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Since 2010, we have launched and successfully managed the most significant projects in Armenia, such are Tatev Gateway and Wings of Tatev aerial tramway, Gyumri Development project and Gyumri Friendship Park, Dilijan Development Program with numerous touristic project and many other to come.

Tourism and Urbanism foundation is a tourism and urban development platform, previously managed and presented by IDeA foundation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put Armenia on world top touristic map with implementing sustainable initiatives that have long-term socio-economic impact for the country and that strengthen and preserve the Armenian identity.

Urban Development

A focus on infrastructure design, zoning, regulations, and the adherence to quality architectural and construction standards, which leads to the creation of a favorable investment climate and a hub for education, culture, tourism, and business.


We focus on the creation of touristic infrastructure and internationally known destinations, the restoration of historical structures, and creation of a continuous flow of visitors into the country.

What We’ve Achieved

  • 17-fold increase in touristic flow to Tatev region.

  • Every 5th tourist to Armenia visits Tatev and its neighborhood.

  • Enhanced 12 km road infrastructure, shortening the travel time through the Vorotan gorge by 6 times.

  • 20+ events and festivals contributing to the quality of cultural life in Tatev.

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