Analysis for Business Systems

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Most often, organizations acquire information systems as part of a larger focus on process improvement and efficiency. These organizations need to invest in the right system to meet their needs: right functionality, right size, and for the right price. The business systems analyst role in most organizations is responsible for translating the organization?s needs into requirements, which are then used to select or build the right system for the organization.

During the Analysis for Business Systems course, you?ll learn about the standard model for systems development: the systems development lifecycle, or SDLC. You will learn how to read and even create the specific deliverables that business systems analysts prepare during the SDLC. These documents provide guidance to the organization as they determine whether to build or buy and configure a system that meets the organization?s needs.

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  • Learn about the standard models of systems development: the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

  • Learn how to read and create specific deliverables that business systems analysts prepare during the SDLC.

WEEK 1: Introduction to Business Systems

WEEK 2:?Analysis Phase Documentation

WEEK 3:?Analysis Phase Diagrams

WEEK 4:?Design Phase Overview




Ken Reily

Associate Professor


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