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Columbia’s MicroMasters program in Business Analytics will empower learners with the skills, insights and understanding to improve business performance using data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive modelling to help make actionable decisions.

The curriculum is designed to provide learners with a series of courses that emphasizes the use of statistical analysis, computing tools, and mathematical models to predict the outcomes of various business decisions, and identify the best implementation.

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Job Outlook

  • The use of business analytics has grown exponentially in all areas, including healthcare, government, retail, e-commerce, media, manufacturing, and the service industry.
  • The result is an increased need for employees with an analytical approach to management who can utilize data, understand statistical and quantitative models, and are able to make better data-driven business decisions.
  • Career prospects include business analyst, business intelligence analyst, business development manager, market research analyst, marketing intelligence analyst, digital marketing manager, chief operating officer, strategist, and chief marketing officer.
  • We also expect successful learners to gravitate toward start-up organizations.

Real Career Impact

Bloomberg Logo

"In today’s changing business landscape, the role of the business analyst is changing from one focused on gathering requirements to one helping align and drive organizational strategy. Bloomberg is always looking for analysts with a deep understanding of statistics, data management, and data modeling. Learning those skills through a program like the edX MicroMasters courses in Business Analytics will help prepare professionals for today's marketplace."

— Shawn Edwards , Chief Technology Officer, Bloomberg L.P.

  • Apply methods, tools, and software for acquiring, managing/storing, and accessing structured and unstructured data
  • Prepare data for statistical analysis, perform basic exploratory and descriptive analysis, and apply statistical techniques to analyze data
  • Apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to business modeling and decision-making
  • Demonstrate orally, and in writing, the ability to explain complex analytical models and results

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MicroMasters Program Details

How To Earn The MicroMasters Credential
Complete and earn a Verified Certificate in all four courses to receive your MicroMasters credential.

Take Your Credential To The Next Level
Successful learners with the MicroMasters program in Business Analytics will have an entryway to three Columbia Masters programs: MS in Management Science & Engineering (Engineering and Business School), MS in Operations Research (SEAS), MS in Marketing Science (CBS), and starting in Fall 2018 MS in Business Analytics (Engineering and Business School).

If a learner applies to one of the programs above and is accepted, the MicroMasters Credential will count toward 7.5 credits required for graduation from the on campus programs, or in the on-campus and online program in MS in Operations Research (SEAS).


bio for Daniel Guetta

Daniel Guetta

Director of the Business Analytics InitiativeColumbia University

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Hardeep Johar

Lecturer in DisciplineColumbia University

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Vineet Goyal

Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering and Operations ResearchColumbia University

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Kamel Jedidi

John Howard Professor of Business and Chair of the Marketing DivisionColumbia University

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Asim Ansari

William T. Dillard Professor of MarketingColumbia University

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Costis Maglaras

David and Lyn Silfen Professor of BusinessDecision, Risk and Operations Division, Columbia Graduate School of Business


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