How to Save Money: Making Smart Financial Decisions


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This course is for people:

  • Who know they need to save but not how much.
  • Who don’t know whether it would be better to put $100 in an IRA or to pay off $100 of their credit card balance?
  • Who has never read their credit report?
  • Who has both low auto insurance liability coverage and a low deductible?
  • Who don’t know their liability coverage?
  • Who doesn’t know what liability coverage is?
  • Who would ever consider leasing a car instead of buying?
  • Who own stocks but not mutual funds.
  • Who own mutual funds but not index funds.
  • Who don’t know what index funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are.
  • Who don’t know how much they are paying in mutual fund fees.
  • Who are considering hiring a financial advisor?
  • Who wonder how much savings they will need to retire.

You will learn the basics of personal finance: how to balance spending and saving, which debts to pay first, what insurance you need and don’t need, how to invest for retirement and other long-term goals. In addition to watching online lectures, you will be shown how to do practical “homework” assignments, including looking up the fees on mutual funds and requesting a free credit report.

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What you'll learn

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  • Tips to start saving money
  • How to prioritize spending
  • Why you need an emergency fund
  • How to lower your insurance costs
  • Where to look up mutual fund fees
  • How to set savings goals and financial goals
  • How to save and invest
  • About retirement planning
  • How to improve your credit score
  • When to file for Medicare and Social Security
  • How to spend money in ways that make you happier


University of California, Berkeley

Terrance Odean
Rudd Family Foundation Professor of Finance
University of California, Berkeley

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