Microsoft Professional Program in Cloud Admin

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It is difficult to talk about the future of computing without talking about the cloud. The Microsoft Professional Program in Cloud Admin will start you down the path of understanding the cloud and to set up Azure virtual machines, networks, and app services; automate workloads and deployment; and manage storage, identity, databases, security, and compliance. Learn how to become a Cloud Administrator, leveraging the best of Microsoft technology.

Built with the focus of what you need you need to work in the cloud, the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Cloud Admin will help you learn the skills you need to start the career you want.

You'll Learn To

  • Setup Azure virtual machines
  • Automate Azure workloads
  • Migrate Workloads to Azure
  • Deploy and manage Azure applications
  • Work with databases in Azure
  • Setup virtual machines

How It Works

This comprehensive curriculum features courses that are presented in a suggested order that builds your skills as you advance through the courses. While the order is a suggestion you are free to take the courses in any order that you wish. Upon completing the coursework you will be able to demonstrate what you have learned through completion of the Capstone project.

Cloud Admin Professional Program - Curriculum Overview

Course 1:       Microsoft Professional Orientation : Cloud Administration

Course 2:       Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Course 3:       Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

Course 4:       Microsoft Azure Identity

Course 5:       Microsoft Azure Storage

Course 6:       Microsoft Azure App Service

Course 7:       Databases in Azure

Course 8:       Azure Security and Compliance

Course 9:       Automating Azure Workloads

Course 10:     Migrating Workloads to Azure

Course 11:     Microsoft Professional Capstone : Cloud Administration

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Program Details

Courses  10 courses + Final Capstone Project

Effort   16 - 30 hours per course 

Price   $99 per course / $1,089 for the entire program


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