SQL For Beginners: Learn to communicate with databases

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SQL is the language used to interact with the data inside these databases. SQL skills are always in demand due to the ever increasing use and reliance of data.

In this  beginners course, you will learn the building blocks of SQL by interacting with a MySQL database. From creating a brand new table, up through organizing and aggregating data across multiple tables, you will learn the fundamental skills of SQL ? and you?ll be prepared to apply them right away.


Topics include:

  • Creating database and tables

  • Retrieving data from database table

  • Updating data inside a table

  • Deleting data inside a database table

  • Filtering data returned from  a database table

  • Sorting data returned from a database table

  • Retrieving data using various operators

  • Combining data from multiple tables

  • Using aggregate functions to manipulate data.

  • Using subqueries


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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to SQL
  • Beginners to Programming
  • Beginners to Web Development

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What you'll learn

  • Create a Database

  • Create a Table

  • Insert data into a Table

  • Update data inside a Table

  • Delete data from a Database

  • Query and retrieve data from a Database

  • Sorting data retrieved from a Table

  • Grouping Data

  • Using Subqueries

  • Extract and join data from multiple Tables

  • Filter data using WHERE Clause

  • Query data with various Operators

  • Perform calculations on data using Aggregate Functions


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