AOByte’s team, operations, and career growth opportunities


AOByte specializes in large-scale software development. The company was founded in 2016 and has managed to earn a reputation as a professional and reliable partner, working with both local and international clients.

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Continuing’s visits to the best employers in Armenia, this time, we visited AOByte with the aim of getting to know the team and learning about the company’s activities, career opportunities, values, in-team workflows and other interesting topics.

We began our discussion with Tigran Sargsyan, AOByte’s CEO, who filled us in on what AOByte does and the team’s working environment.

In cooperation with its partners, AOByte creates large financial and healthcare systems for them. We cooperate both in domestic and foreign markets.

The working atmosphere at AOByte is as follows: we believe in trust, we don’t believe in micromanaging at the workplace, instead we believe in the opposite: when there is trust, when you set KPIs based on results, you get the best of those.

Tigran Sargsyan, Co-founder, CEO

Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet Stepan Smbatyan, a tech lead who came aboard in 2019 and is still going strong in his career here. Of course, we couldn’t help but ask Stepan what motivates him to stay with the company for a long time.

The absence of the risk of stagnation, new opportunities along with new projects, chance to be a trainer during the internship, exchange of experience with teammates and, of course, the team keep him at AOByte.

Stepan Smbatyan, Tech lead

During our conversation, we found out that there are great opportunities for career growth at AOByte,and the most compelling proof of this lies in the success stories of our colleagues within the company. Gayane Muradyan started her journey at AOByte as a developer and now is a Tech lead. She told us about the opportunities for career growth in the company, using her own example.

There are numerous growth opportunities at AOByte. When I joined the team four years ago, I didn’t possess the exact tech stack required by the position. However, at AOByte, we firmly believe that being a software engineer is already sufficient to achieve success in this field.

Another crucial aspect is that we don’t engage in mechanical work at AOByte. For any task, we discuss, seek solutions together with the team, and choose the best approaches. This process significantly contributes to professional growth.

Gayane Muradyan, Tech lead

AOByte’s culture places significant emphasis on empowering newcomers in the professional landscape, as demonstrated by the company’s ongoing professional development initiatives and the integration of interns into the team. Narek Avetisyan joined the team as an intern and now works as programmer։ 

The internship at AOByte gave me the opportunity to deepen my professional knowledge and skills, to master the aspects that I did not master and to confidently apply them in practice.

In my opinion, the first internship is very similar to the first grade at school: you get specific handwriting that can help you become more specialized in the future. In this regard, I am glad that my handwriting was created in AOByte.

Narek Avetisyan, Software developer


We continued the conversation with Anahit Nersisyan, the senior project manager of the company. Anahit talked about AOByte’s working style and in-team workflows.

According to her, the challenges of forming new teams for new products are overcome by the following principles:

Involve employees both in the project and in the overall processes of the organization,

Maintain Agile principles in a changing environment,

Make teams independent in their work,

Ensure timely delivery of projects,

Create additional value for customers.

Anahit Nersisyan, Senior Project Manager

Being at the AOByte’s office, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to Diana Galstyan, the HR Manager of the company. She spoke about the factors that contribute to the effective organization of work at AOByte.


At AOByte, we firmly believe that the best ideas and solutions stem from teamwork. We have cultivated a collaborative culture that fosters open communication, mutual support, and shared goal setting, which lies at the core of the organization’s success.

Diana Galstyan, HR Manager

And, in the end, we decided to find out how the company’s teammates would describe AOByte in one word. The answers to the question prove once again that people here, apart from their daily work tasks, discover their own potential and opportunities, appreciate the friendly and united environment, the culture of supporting each other, etc. We can continue the list, but instead, we suggest you watch the video and discover the answers from AOByte people.

Summarizing, we should mention that we were very impressed by our visit because we felt the friendly and happy atmosphere in the team from the very first seconds, and that feeling did not leave us until the end. The warmth with which the team spoke about AOByte makes it a wonderful place to work, dream, and improve.