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About FLUX Technologies

Flux Technologies Inc.  is a global software provider firm with a mission to empower private and public organizations, Enterprises, NGOs and Individuals with enterprise level Web and Mobile solutions.

At Flux - we’re driven to build meaningful things, embrace challenging problems and work with technologies we enjoy. We take pride in working with strong middle to senior developers in our company compared to the market average. That means getting lots of opportunities for geeky conversations with your peers, celebrating being cleverly unconventional and continuously getting better in everything you do. We cultivate inquiring minds and love constantly pushing our boundaries. 

Working with us means working with innovative technologies to implement cutting-edge solutions across our wide range of industires, competencies and expertises.

Ready for constant stream of new things for you to learn, every-day new challangies, help our project teams to build sustaining customer relationships through innovation, ideation and development? - If the answer is YES - then we are happy to meet and discuss the opportunites :)

Visit us at www.fluxtech.me. Get in touch to learn how we can take you to the next level in your carrer.

Industry: Information technologies
Date of Foundation: 2015

Number of Employees: 20-50

Location: Hrachya Qochar 4, 8th floor


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Hrachya Qochar 4, 8th floor
(055) 800-844