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Podcastle AI is a promising Armenia-based startup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert news into podcasts in seconds.  Recently, Podcastle announced its $1.75 million seed funding led by Sierra Ventures, with participation from Andrew Ng'sAI Fund and Correlation VC. The podcasts generated using Podcastle are very human-like and consider all the emotions and the writer's tone of voice. Our Podcastle team's mission is to empower podcast content interaction and creation using speech & audio related technologies. We believe that entering into the podcasting game shouldn't have any barriers and should be easy for everyone.

Индустрия: Информационные технологии
Тип компании: ОАО/ЗАО/ООО
Дата основания: 2020

Количество сотрудников: до 50

Местонахождение: Ереван, Армения

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Ереван, Армения