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О компании Breavis

We do public opinion research and communication consulting, helping decision-makers and businessmen to establish, evaluate, develop, and build a positive reputation around their persona and brand. Our professional advice is based exclusively on research data, the confidentiality of which is guaranteed by the Company's corporate ethical policies and modern data storage technologies. Our communication activities are aimed at gaining public trust, which is a strong competitive advantage.

Having more than 12 years of professional experience, we have successfully implemented more than 300 programs in the fields of public administration, socio-economics, finance, telecommunications, education and public health.

The research and consulting programs supporting the development of middle-income businesses are a massive part of the Company's work, and today,  nearly 25% of the Company's projects are related to the public administration system.

BREAVIS is a member of the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) (represented by the CEO of the Company), EU Association of Communications Directors, as well as, cooperates with TNS of Brussels, PEW Research of New York, GORBI of Georgia,  and VCIOM of Moscow, in order to implement joint projects.

Индустрия: Консалтинг
Тип компании: ОАО/ЗАО/ООО
Дата основания: 2006

Количество сотрудников: 20-50


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Internship at Breavis

Internship in Breavis

Cooperation with students and junior specialists and sharing knowledge and experience with them is one of the core principles of Breavis. We are sure, that the best companies create necessary specialists by providing opportunities for their professional growth and development. Breavis is a unique company with outstanding corporate culture, which invests in the professional growth of its employees. We always cooperate with universities and their career centers, participate in student workshops, as well as, recruit interns upon necessity. Breavis gives internship opportunities not only to students, but also to newly graduates.

We believe that mentoring culture is a strong tool in terms of having an effective internship and professional growth. That is why Breavis interns not only get team support, but also have personal mentors. Professional internship in our company is quite intensive and engaging.

Why Breavis?

  • Motivating and creative atmosphere;
  • Professional and supporting team helping to learn and gain practical knowledge;
  • An opportunity to have a personal mentor during the internship;
  • An opportunity to establish professional relationship with the professionals in the field;
  • Participation in trainings aimed at developing professional knowledge;
  • Performing practical tasks to apply accumulated knowledge in practice;
  • An opportunity to work in the best office in the city

Breavis interns receive certificates and recommendation letters upon the successful accomplishment of their internship.

Internship agreement is signed between the young professional and the company. The interns receive all the necessary material for their future work, as well as, several corporate items.

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Working day at Breavis

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