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Simply Technologies was founded in 2011 by two enthusiastic software developers who had a goal to create a place where everyone would enjoy working and every client would be happy to work with. Simply Technologies is a Software Development and Innovation company specialized in multifunctional web and mobile apps and large-scale web services. 

Our goal is to be a technical advisor for our clients by providing high-quality services and for our team, to develop and maintain the environment for constant growth and development in all dimensions, staying a place with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Simply Technologies is an international company, our partners are from the USA, Australia, and Europe.


Our core values:

One team, one goal - we believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. We know that our best work is not produced by individuals but by enjoying collaboration as a team and supporting each other every day.

Transparency - being honest and open is vital for us, it promotes trust and increases the motivation of the team.

Stay simple - we strive to make things simpler.

Delivering results - we meet exceptionally high standards and are proud of our outputs.

Community development - we actively participate and organize events that lead to the development of the JS community.

Employee development - we are fostering our employees' professional and personal growth. We encourage inspired, constant learning and innovative thinking. We’ve built an environment where people can learn, evolve, experiment, and fail without fear.

Индустрия: Информационные технологии
Тип компании: ОАО/ЗАО/ООО
Дата основания: 2011

Количество сотрудников: 50-200

Местонахождение: 59 Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, Ереван, Армения


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Probably the first thought that came to your mind when you hear about Simply Technologies is JavaScript and, definitely, the crazy team of JS professionals. We do JavaScript, we love JavaScript. Even the HR team knows JavaScript, hmm… well ... a little bit. That is why we are known as #HouseofJavaScript. For someone who desires to grow and become a strong specialist in JS, this is a great advantage. 


Since 2016, we have had tens of successful large projects using React Native. In 2020, Simply Technologies established a new Android and iOS department. Since then, our mobile team has expanded at an unusually fast rate. Therefore, now is an excellent time to apply to one of our open positions.

We care about our community

- We are passionate about supporting the tech community in Armenia. We participate in JavaScript Conferences, React Conferences, BarCamp Yerevan, and other tech conferences and events.

- Simply Technologies is also known for its internship program called JS Hacker’s School (JSHS). The JSHS is a two-month program, for practical and theoretical studies of JavaScript. At the end of the internship program, the best students receive a job offer from Simply, and other partner organizations. So in this way we support junior specialists to begin and develop their careers.

- We encourage colleagues to engage in volunteering projects sharing our knowledge, skills, and experience with students. 


  • Big impact - opportunity to change, improve, innovate and have a real impact on the company’s development (your ideas are important here)
  • High-level projects and growth - Opportunity to work on game-changing projects from the USA, Australia, and  Europe. As we have a variety of projects, you will have an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge more quickly with the help of our strong team. 
  • Our culture-Culture is the very air you breathe. At Simply we breath positivity, we support, care, and strive to inspire each other.
  • Stunning colleagues - Work with an expert team of highly skilled and passionate Javascript and Mobile developer. It is our goal to ensure that everyone feels free to express their opinions and is heard. We understand there is power in individuals, but will always believe there is a much greater power in collaboration and teamwork.

Find out more about Simply's newly opened second office by clicking here: The best offices in Armenia: A Visit to the newly opened second office of Simply

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59 Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, Ереван, Армения