The best offices in Armenia: A Visit to the newly opened second office of Simply

463 is carrying on the project “The Best Offices in Armenia” aimed at presenting the most extraordinary, beautiful, cozy, stylish, and inspiring office spaces of companies operating in Armenia through photo stories.

This time, we are delighted to share the great news of the opening of the second office of Simply Technologies, otherwise known as “The House of JavaScript”, in the center of Yerevan, which has been created considering the growing and rapidly developing team needs.  

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This new Simply Technologies office is also welcoming and comfortable, equipped with all the necessary facilities to boost work productivity throughout the day. We are grateful to Arevik, the marketing specialist, for showing us around and sharing the story of the office creation and its privileges.

With that said, our destination was Leo 48/1. When the elevator doors opened, and we found ourselves in the new office, we could immediately tell which company office we were in: the atmosphere of the previous office and the trending design combinations were describing the new office in one word – Simply.

A free, transparent, simple, cheerful, yet serious work environment. Arevik told us that the same specialist worked on the interior design of the office, obviously, having regular discussions with the management and the team. Yellow and blue were chosen as the primary colors for the office: yellow symbolizes joy, while blue represents the seriousness and systematic approach each Simply team member demonstrates towards their work and the company as a whole towards its clients’ projects.

The large auditorium designed for team presentations, discussions, and upskilling meetings, speaks to the fact that every team member’s voice is heard at Simply: the brightest ideas are born during that open and healthy discussions.

Transferring the old office traditions to the new one is still in progress. Before the recreation room is ready, the kitchen is where people gather to unwind and relax, hold discussions, and celebrate birthdays. One of the best Simply traditions is frequent team breakfasts.  

We could not but notice the “expensive” ice cream stick decorating the kitchen wall: it has become an extraordinary artwork, demonstrating team members’ contribution to the office interior design.  

And each of the fridge magnets underlines the appreciation for each employee. Apart from professional growth, the company also provides all-around development opportunities to its employees. After a year at Simply, each team member can take a trip to Europe with tickets covered by the company. The fridge in the first office is already overloaded with magnets, and since the second office is newly opened, undoubtedly, more magnets are on the way.

While the team is eagerly waiting for the “opening” of the foosball tournament in the new office, other various games are part of the joyful team routine.  

Learning, growth, and development are core parts of the company culture, and all the conditions and office facilities are provided for that. Here the specialists have rapid professional growth due to their willingness to support each other and hold open discussions. Training and seminars on various topics are regularly organized for experience exchange, knowledge, and skills acquisition. Team members are provided with the opportunity to develop both their technical knowledge and soft skills.

Prioritizing communication in foreign languages, the company also organizes English classes for the team members.

As the tech stack at Simply Technologies expands, along with the team growth, it was vital to create such conditions that the teammates working with the same tech stack could work from one place. Thus, the employees are free to choose the days and the branch to work from, based on their convenience and, of course, depending on the ongoing project.

As the employees’ health is a priority, there are many balconies in the new office space. The terrace will soon become the all-season favorite place for the team to organize team parties and various events.

This bright and joyful environment is complemented by separated small and comfy call rooms and a meeting room.

Simply Technologies goes to great lengths to become the leading company in the region and moves ahead confidently.

Well, our team has no doubt that Simply has a promising vision for the future, and the new office and the ones to be later opened are crucial for the development of the industry.

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