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Empowering impact-driven organizations since 1997. 

Synergy Intelligent Data Manager (IDM)™ is a complete platform for rapidly building web-based business applications. It is the unifying technology behind our various products.

IDM uses a metadata-driven architecture whereby the features and functionality of an application are stored in a metadata repository, called the knowledgebase, rather than being hard-coded in a programming language. The great benefit of this is that creating an application using IDM means configuring IDM’s knowledgebase instead of writing code from scratch. In other words, creating an application with IDM is much faster and simpler. And when business requirements evolve, the application can be easily adapted or expanded to remain relevant.

Complementing this metadata-driven approach is IDM’s off-the-shelf analytical reporting engine, which makes data usable and actionable.

Индустрия: Информационные технологии
Тип компании: Другое
Дата основания: 1997

Количество сотрудников: 200-500

Местонахождение: 5 Armenak Armenakyan Street, Ереван, Армения


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About Synergy International Systems

Synergy International Systems – Empowering impact-driven organizations

Synergy Benefits

At Synergy, we are good at everything we do, so we are good at having fun too! 

We work hard, we play harder. Table tennis, table football, videogames, coffee corner and balconies with amazing views are inseparable part of our office life.

Collaborating and coding: Hackathon, AI challenge and hacking tournaments are traditional and beloved all-staff events at Synergy. We love to be creative and innovative, accept challenges and conquer them. 

Company social events are what we always look forward to, as it is one more opportunity to try ourselves in totally different sphere and yet be as innovative and zealous as we usually are like  Sysled Challenge.

We care about our employee’s physical and mental health and provide medical insurance, sport package, and paid time off. 5 paid extra days are a great contribution to the rest as well. In addition, we value the time spent of our employees with their kids and offer paid child day off for each child.  

Self-improvement and self-initiatives are an essential part of the company and Synergy encourages them by Lunch & Learn sessions, semi-annual trainings, and certification programs. Our employees also have the opportunity to participate in professional trainings and conferences abroad.

We appreciate our employees and the work they do, that is why the company provides a two-day stay at any resort in the RA to the team after the completion of each major project, gift-cards on birthdays and semi-annual awards to the employees that stood out, apart from other nice appreciative gifts.

We organize work-related and out of work interesting and fun activities that interest our employees. Synergy Happiness Goals (SHGs) is a bunch of fun and entertaining activities that include art, fun, health and much more. 

How we have fun !

We work hard and party harder! Check-out our videos from different events. 

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5 Armenak Armenakyan Street, Ереван, Армения