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Индустрия: ОО/Международная организация
Тип компании: Некоммерческая организация
Дата основания: 2000

Количество сотрудников: 50-200

Местонахождение: Ереван, Армения


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"Politeia"Intellectual game

“Politeia” word game aims at developing players’ knowledge of political science and civic education.  The game comprises cards of different levels of difficulty. White cards patterned blue include words of more complex level. “Politeia” is available on app store and can be downloaded for free. The game is not for sale. More information about the game you can find here

Anti-Corruption School

The aim of anticorruption school is to provide knowledge to young people on corruption, its forms, potential corruption risks in political, economic and social sectors and their consequences, as well as anticorruption measures in the world and in Armenia. It enables the students of the school to attend lectures and participate in discussions with leading specialists, researchers, representatives of civil society and state officials of various fields. The participants are also given the opportunity to develop projects based on the knowledge they acquired and their ideas on fighting corruption.All information about the school you can find here


Whistleblowing is written or oral reporting by whistleblowers to an authorized person or body on certain illicit activity or threat within organizations stipulated by law. More information about whistleblowing you can find here.

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