HR Analytics: Essentials Human Resource Management

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This important new and lastest course in HR covers the important and new field of hr analytics and people analytics.

As human resource management, people management,  hr analytics and people analytics drive the market for HR professionals this new HR course with human resources certification is a must-do course.

If you are an HR or human resource management professional, An HR Analyst or involved in HR Analytics this course is enlightening.

With HR course completion certification,  you as a human resources person can demonstrate expertise in all aspects of HR Analytics and People Analytics including talent acquisition, payroll, people management, and hr management.  HRM professionals or HR generalists enjoy and take advantage of this learning and development HR  course with certification.

Those involved in HR payroll benefit as they also see the importance of HR analytics in human resource management today.

HR business partners understand the need for business, human analytics, and people analytics in the modern business world.

Remember too that you have lifetime access to this course. As the field of HR analytics and HR generally develops, so to will this course. Giving you access to the latest HR thinking in and the benefits of human resources certification.

We believe this course has the real power to transform your career, the lives of your co-workers and the success of your organization.

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Anyone interested in using HR Analytics. Ideally for those working in, or looking for a career in, HR or in Data Analytics

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What you'll learn

  • Learn about the importance of HR Analytics to those either in HR or Data Analytics
  • Understand how a good awareness of HR Analytics is vital to career development
  • Be able to communicate with others about HR Analytics
  • Know the key phrases and language used in discussing HR Analytics
  • Understand HR as a service
  • Be aware of the various of elements the customers of HR expect
  • Know how to put forward a Business Case and the use of analytics in that
  • Be able to conduct a strategic analysis of the business or organisation
  • Be able to outline the important role of HR in determining Business Strategy
  • Identify the ways in which HR can help meet the Business Strategy
  • Discuss the evolution of HR Analytics
  • Explain the various types of HR Analytics available
  • Explain the Problem Solving Process
  • Discuss the recruitment process and data analytics in that process
  • Consider the talent development process, KPIs and Return on Investment issues
  • Explain Staff Engagement and Empowerment
  • Outline Performance Appraisal and data arising from such systems
  • Outline some of the challenges faced with data
  • Outline data modelling


Robert Sullivan, MA, MBA, FistlLM, FRSA

International Speaker, Business Academic & Coach to CEOs

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